Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gracias a Que Él Vive

Hola todos! Espero que hayan tenido una buena semana y que se encuentren bien. :)

This week was really good! I feel like it flew by. 

Ok, where to begin? :)

Bueno, Alberto. We visited him on Monday and had a Family Home Evening with him and his family. We watched the video from Easter from last year, Gracias a Que Él Vive. It was really good! He liked it a lot. We couldn't go back though during the week. (The week was kind of crazy.) He also didn't go to church on Sunday because his wife was sick and he had to take care of her. But, he wanted to go. He's still progressing nicely. We just have to talk about marriage so that they can hurry up and do that. :)

We also visited a family that was a referral from one of the converts of Hermana Medina in her old area. We went and got to know them. They are going through a particularly hard time and we got there in the perfect moment. They have heard the missionaries before, so they know a bit about us already. It was a really sweet visit. Actually we have an appointment with them today! :)

We went to the temple last Tuesday. When we left early in the morning, it was freezing! But the temple was beautiful! I love going to the temple! What a beautiful spirit that dwells there! 

Also, on Thursday we went to Santa Rosa for an exchange. It was really good! When we were about to head to the terminal to take the bus, (we were with a member, recent convert actually) and he would not let us go home on the bus. He said it was too late to travel like that so he took us in his car. That is not cheap. It is not close. And he would not let us pay him. It was amazing! What an amazing man!

Also, the Cabello family (recent converts) went to the temple on Thursday! It was so sweet! They loved it!

On Friday, there was a stake activity and they had asked our ward to share a talent. The ward didn't have time to prepare something, so they asked us to dance. Again. So, we had to go to Córdoba to do our dance. In front of the stake. Yeah, it was a bit uncomfortable. But, it ended up good! 

Yesterday we had Concilio de Lideres which is always really really fun! This time, the hermanas, after the meeting, went to a mall where there are games, and we played in the arcade. It was really fun! They also had bumper cars!

Anyway, it's been a crazy week and this is most likely my last week in Carlos Paz. I already have 6 months here... so yeah. It's sad. But, I hope you all have a fantastic week! And enjoy Mother's Day this Sunday!!!! I love you all!!!!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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