Monday, May 9, 2016

La Rioja

Hermana Medina and I with a member
Us with Ayelen (a member)
Hermana Medina and I blowing bubbles
Hola mis muy queridos. Espero que hayan disfrutado su día de la madre!
[Hello my dear. I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!]

Us with the Salgado family (members)
This week was really good! We had to visit TONS of people! On Sunday, everyone and their dog asked us to visit them or do something for them. We are always happy to help, but there is a limit to our resources. :) But it was good. We were able to do many many things. 
Hermana Medina, Florencia (a member) and I
Us with the Quiroz family (members)
We went to go visit a contact we had made and we started talking. Her name was Laura. She invited us in and she shared about her life. Her husband died 3 months ago and she was still very tender about the subject. We testified of the plan of salvation and we invited her to be baptized. It was really sweet. She accepted! But, she didn't go to church.

We had an appointment with Alberto and we committed him to get married to the woman he is living with (who is a member, too) so that he can be baptized. He accepted! He said there was nothing impeding him to get married! They went to church! They are so awesome!!!
Hermana Medina, Viviana Vilta (less active), Alberto (investigator) and I
We went to visit the Oliva family (the referral from Hermana Medinas convert in Nueva Córdoba) to give the mom, Silvia, a priesthood blessing. It was really special! The hermano that went with us had a very similar story and he was able to help a lot. The blessing was beautiful!!

On Saturday, we got the transfer call. I am now in La Rioja, La Rioja (it is a different province) with Hermana Larsen from Maryland. Hermana Medina is now with Hermana Duran, but in Parque Capital in Córdoba. They closed our area! We were not prepared for that! We had to say goodbye to so many people and both of us had to pack. It was crazy and extremely sad!  
My new compi and I
We also had the opportunity to Skype home! It was great to be able to see the family again! I got to meet my two new nephews as well!!! They are so handsome!!!

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! I wish you all the best!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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