Monday, May 23, 2016

Fighting Zika with Pants!

Hola todos!!! Espero que se encuentren bien!
[Hello everyone!!! I hope you are fine!]

Bueno, we will start with the big news.... da da daaaaa! 

Starting now, there are many missions, including mine, where the sister missionaries, due to the Zika virus, will be proselyting in PANTS! Yep. It is weird.

Anyway, back to the work. 

This week was.... hard. But good! 

As of our investigators, it was hard. Fernando is not interested anymore. With María and Adrian we tried the whole week to get an appointment, but we couldn't. (This week was the anniversary of La Rioja so there were lots of festivities and parades and stuff like that.) They told us that on Saturday for sure, we could go. So we called and called and they didn't answer. Finally Adrian sent us a text saying that they were busy and that they would tell us when we could go again. Yeah, that was sad. We also didn't have anyone in church.

BUT, there were still miracles. As a representative of Jesus Christ, there are miracles every day. But only if you are looking.

On Wednesday, the elders from another area had invited us to their area to help them with a little girl that wants to get baptized. It was really special! The whole family was really excited to see us (they are already members) and they treated us really well. We were able to get to know the little girl and find the way to help her. It was amazing!

Then on Friday after lunch, we sat down on the side of the road to re-evaluate our plans. My companion felt strongly that we needed to go to the other side of our area. So we got on a colectivo (bus) and we went. We were looking for an inactive member and so we asked a little girl in the street if she knew her. She said, I'm going there right now. Ill take you. She took us right to the house and we were able to visit with the hermana. She said that she knew she had to go back to church because a couple days before, she had seen the elders in a kiosk and talked to them. She has a strong testimony of the church. It was a really beautiful visit. 

Anyway, so yeah. I'm doing pretty good. Trying to give it my all every day. I know that this is Gods work and that it is of utmost importance. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here! Its really amazing!!!

I hope you all have a great week and I hope you know how much God loves you!!!!!!

Disfrútalo mientras dure!
[Enjoy it while it lasts!]

Love from,
Hermana  Micaela Wilson

La Rioja is more of a desert. It reminds me of a mix between Jesús María and Bell Ville. It´s strange to come to such a dry place right after Carlos Paz because there we had the lake and the rivers, but it´s good here, too. It´s not as humid (thank goodness) so that´s good.

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