Monday, April 25, 2016

Salsa! Olé!

Leadership Photo (from Facebook)

Hola todos!!!!

This week was good. :)

Ok, people. Jennifer. We didn´t go this week. We decided to let her have a week off. Let it settle in that we´re not always going to go.
We´re going to visit her this week and let her go. That´s going to be hard.

Valentina. We couldn´t visit her very much. She says that she wants to change, but she hasn´t read or prayed yet. But, she´s young. She´s only 16 years old. We are hoping that she does something. Because if she doesn´t, we can´t do anything more than invite.

Alberto. We started teaching a man named Alberto. He is the husband of a less active member. They went to General Conference and we met him there. He is very curious and is willing to act! HE WENT TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!!! Por fin tuvimos alguien en la capilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[We finally have someone in the chapel!]

Also, this week, we had a Talent Show put on by the Obra Misional. It ended up well. We didn´t have a ton of time to plan, but it was good.
Hermana Medina and I did a dance with Claudia Cabello (recent convert) and Bianca Carvalho (young woman). We danced salsa. Can you believe it? I danced salsa. It was really fun! I love salsa!!! We danced to the song Quimbara Kimbara by Celia Cruz. It was fun!! Alberto also went to the Talent Show!

So yeah. We had a pretty good week. It´s getting cold now, but we bundle up good. :) Enjoy the sun! Have a fantastic week!!!I l love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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