Monday, April 18, 2016

Interviews with Presidente

This week was good. :)

On Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente Alliaud. He is an amazing man! I absolutely love him! I´m gonna be really sad when he leaves. He really helped me to feel like what we are doing is okay. He helped me to realize (again) what success is. And it helped a lot.

Jennifer. We met with her on Tuesday and were really frank with her. We told her that if she wasn´t interested, we wouldn´t be able to continue. She told us that she really wanted to go to church and be baptized. So, we made plans so that she could go to church on Sunday. Everything was ready. We were going to visit her on Saturday so that she would be all ready, but she canceled on us. But she said she´d still go on Sunday. We went to go get her on Sunday, and she didn´t come out. We were there for half an hour knocking. This may be her last week. It´s so hard because we both feel that she really does want to keep going. That she´s not just pulling our leg. But, we´ll see.

We went to go visit a less active member and her family. Her husband (they´re not married) isn´t a member and he wants to quit smoking. They went to General Conference. When we went, there was another less active and their friend. We had a really sweet lesson with them. The friend had had a miscarriage and testified of the fact the she knows that there is another life after this one. It was really sweet. We´re going to start teaching her. :) Her name is Lorena.

Valentina. We visited her and she hadn´t read. But, she is really curious. She is completely different from the Valentina we met the first day. It was really amazing! She also accepted a baptismal date!!!! The problem is that she has insomnia and it´s extremely hard for her to wake up. She didn´t go to church yesterday either. Even though she wanted to. She was really excited. 

We visited Bell Ville this week! We switched Merlo for Bell Ville with the other Sister Training Leaders (one of them started the mission in Merlo and she ends this transfer, so she wanted to say goodbye). It was really good to go back! I was able to see Guadalupe! She was baptized the 27 of December and she is so different! It was a great day!!!

It was a really good week in spite of the fact that we didn´t have anyone in church. Sorry I don´t have more time to write. I have to go. :)

I hope you have a great week!!! I love you so much!!!!

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