Monday, July 4, 2016


"How we communicate. Sometimes she doesn´t know a word in Spanish so she looks it up in her dictionary. But then I don´t know what that word means, so I have to look it up in my dictionary. Or vice versa. It´s rather funny. So grateful for Spanish so that I can understand this loca!!!"

Hola hola hola!!!

Time keeps flying by. It´s ridiculous! I can´t believe it!

This week was good. :) Bueno, as far as investigators go... well, let´s see. The thing about La Rioja is that the people are really receptive. Which is good. It´s just still hard sometimes to keep commitments and progress. It´s the normal thing. 

Cristina. We went to our lesson and she was sick. She told us that she had thought a lot about baptism, though, and she had spoken with her sister. Her sister told her that it was fine to listen to us and all and go to church, but getting baptized was a no. So she told God that she wouldn´t get baptized. We were really sad. We invite people to ask God, not other people. Because God is the only one who knows everything and is the only being that won´t, can´t lie to her. She was really set on it, though. 

Last week, the elders from another area sent us a reference. They told us that they started talking and that they invited the man to be baptized. He accepted! We were really excited! So we went. :) His name is Juan. He´s older and got divorced about two years ago. He is still in a lot of pain. He lives with his mom and is searching for the truth. The first time we went, I wanted to teach the Restoration. But, we didn´t have a single pamphlet or picture of the first vision. He stopped in the middle of a sentence and told me to read from the Book of Mormon on my lap. I opened it and started searching a scripture related to the Restoration and he told me no. He told me to just open it anywhere. Inside I was thinking, No! This isn´t going to work! But, I opened it. Right to Alma 32. It was perfect. I read the first two pages and when I finished I looked up to see tears rolling down Juan´s cheeks. It was a beautiful lesson. I learned a beautiful lesson as well. He didn´t go to church this Sunday, but he´s gonna go next Sunday. I just know it!

On Thursday, we had a splash with the elders. They did lots of contacts. They invited seven people to be baptized in 10 minutes and they all accepted! We were there watching with open mouths. It was amazing! At the end, we went to visit Marcelo. He was just about to go, but I asked him if he was able to do the prayer we had asked him to do. He said he had and that he felt a peace that he couldn´t describe. It was beautiful! We all started testifying that this is what he needs to do. He didn´t want to accept a baptismal date yet, but he said he´d go to church. And he did! He got there late, but he got there! He was there for Sacrament Meeting. He said that the testimonies really touched him. It was great!

One of the seven people the elders found is named Orlando. Bueno, really Orlando contacted us. He asked if we sell the magazine of the Jehovah´s Witnesses. We said no, we have something even better. We started talking and he is really looking for the church that it describes in the Bible. Which is ours. ;) So, on Sunday morning, I called him to see if he was still going to go to church. He said that he had just gotten home from studying all night and was about to sleep. I somehow convinced him to go though, so we took him to church. Even though he was tired, he stayed the three hours! Also, it was his birthday! In Gospel Principles, he started asking lots of questions, so the other members started answering him. It was great! He is getting baptized next Sunday!!! What a miracle!!!

Anyway, it´s been a great week! I just can´t believe that the time goes by so quickly! 

I hope you are all doing well. I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuidense mucho!!! [Take care.]

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson
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