Monday, July 18, 2016

Sad. Exciting. Wonderful. Painful.

Council of Leaders--May 2016

Saudades a todos! (Portuguese)
[Greetings to all]

Wow. I wish I could make time go by more slowly. :) I only have two more weeks here in Argentina. It´s so sad. I don´t want to have to say goodbye.

This week was good. Little crazy, but good. :)

God is great! Saben? So, there is a member´s nephew who has gone to church the past few weeks, but we couldn´t meet with him until this week. His name is Carlos. I´ll be talking about him throughout the letter. :)

We had a splash on Wednesday. I went with a member from another ward and my companion with another and the elders went with us to find more investigators. It went really well. We went to visit Carlos at the end and we applied the Doctrine. At the end, he said he would like to be baptized on Saturday. We were all like, great!!!

Thursday we had interviews with Presidente Correa (new mission president). It was good. It was strange not seeing Presidente Alliaud, but our new Presidente is really good too. I´m sad that I won´t be able to get to know him better. We taught Carlos the Restoration that night and he seemed to understand. He is a really good kid! He´s 20 years old and from Bolivia. He´s here to work with his uncle who is a member. 

On Friday we had exchanges with the hermana líderes. I went with Hermana Fuentealba. I love her so much! We had a good talk the whole day. It´s amazing because we´ve known each other since the beginning of our missions (she has three months less than I). It´s been amazing to see how we´ve changed and grown. Bueno, how we´re changing and growing. Because it´s a never-ending process. :)

We couldn´t meet with Carlos on Friday, but on Saturday, the elders went with us to give Carlos his interview. He passed! But he said that he wanted to go a few more times before being baptized. 

On Sunday, he went and said he felt good. He even went to the elders’ baptism that evening and said that he felt the Spirit and that he wants to do it. But he wants his uncle to do it. It was the only thing holding him back from doing it in that moment. So, he´s going to be baptized on Saturday!!!! Miracles!!!!!!

Also, after looking for all of our investigators that had accepted a baptismal date (11 this week), none of them went. But, we got to church only to find a woman who had gone of her own free will. ;) Miracle! So, we have an appointment with her on Thursday. 

This week has been good. Sad. Exciting. Wonderful. Painful. Ok, I just don´t know what to feel anymore. There are so many things that I just don´t know which to feel. When the hermana líderes left, I just started crying. Ok, I´d cried a lot during the day, but I was so sad to see them leave. I knew it was the last time I am going to see them. Maybe in forever. They are both from Chile. That´s the hardest part. 

Anyway, we keep on keepin’ on. 

I hope you have a great week!!!! Keep on in the faith! Don´t give up. Don´t fear. Remember whose you are! I love you!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

Easter 2016 trio

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