Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last but definitely not least

Hola mis muy queridos. Los amo tanto!
[Hello my dears. I love you so much!]

It is so strange. This is my last email home...

Ok, we'll start with what happened this week. 

It was a good week. Working a ful. :) We went to visit the family Luna Andrade (they are former investigators that I contacted with the Sister Training Leaders) but only the mom, Rita, was there. We had a really good lesson with her. We were able to ask some questions about why she hasn't gotten baptized yet (she's been an investigator for years). She said that she doesn't feel ready because she knows that she's going to mess up afterward and she doesn't want that weight on her shoulders. Also, she felt like she hadn't really gotten an answer yet. We explained that one of the requirements of baptism isn't that we are perfect. God knows that we aren't going to be perfect. That's why He gave us the Sacrament. So that, in spite of our imperfections, we can start over every week. Then we started talking about real intent and how important that is to receiving an answer. We shared our personal experiences of how we obtained an answer and she said that she hasn't ever really prayed with real intent. We invited her to do so and she said she would. But, we couldn't visit her during the week, because she went on vacation (it was winter vacation here the past two weeks). We hope she keeps progressing, though!

Carlos, Carlos, Carlos. We tried visiting him every day this week, but we didn't see him until Saturday. We had talked with his uncle and cousin about what was going on (because he told us one thing and his uncle another) and so on Saturday we were able to clear things up. He wants to be baptized. He doesn’t have any doubts or questions. The thing that is holding him up is that he feels that he hasn't prayed to know. Again, with real intent. He promised us that he would do it, but on Sunday, he told us that there wasn't time. So, again he promised to pray. We sure hope that he has. He's a great kid!

Silvia (the woman who went to church last Sunday). We had a great lesson with her on Thursday. We taught the Restoration and she loved it. Really she is searching for the truth. It's really confusing when everyone says something different. She loved the fact that she can pray and find out for herself. What a wonderful blessing that God has given us!

The week was really good. I love my companion. She's a sweetheart. I'll be really sad to leave her.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about last words. How important they are. How meaningful. As I have pondered about my time in the mission, it has been the most miraculous, wondrous, extraordinary thing in my life. What a blessing. It's true that it was hard. There were times when I wasn't sure if I could keep going. But to see it all now, at the end, what a beautiful masterpiece it has become. Being a missionary, a representative of Christ has been amazing. It was my only chance, as a woman, to be His special representative. What a gift. Que dichoso. [That happy.] When I left, I left with the goal to "bring them heaven." So that's what I did. I didn't realize that in the process, I would be refining myself, bettering myself. That I would receive the greatest of the blessings. An undeniable understanding and knowledge of my Savior, Jesus Christ and of His atoning sacrifice. A relationship with my Redeemer and Lord. I left home to be able to bless lives, and in the process, He blessed mine. 

I love you all so much. I hope that you can feel of God's love every day in your lives. He is there. He loves you. He knows you. Go to Him and He will hear you. Of this I promise and testify in His holy name, even Jesus Christ, amen.

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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