Monday, June 6, 2016

"If you give everything you can every day, you will never have regrets."

Hola mis queridos!!!!!
[Hello my dears]

Esta semana fue buena. El tiempo se va tan rápido!!!!!!!!!!!!
[This week was good. Times goes so fast.]

Ok, so everything is now a jumble in my head because time passes way too fast now. It´s crazy!

María and Adrian. Ah. Yep. We got to talk with Adrian briefly and he said that he believes that what we´ve taught him is true. Their problem is time. They are so stretched for time. So on Sunday, we left at 7a.m. to go get them. We got there at 7:45 (we walked quite quickly) and Adrian told us that their daughter was sick and that they weren´t going to be able to go. :( So then we walked to the church (in the other direction) and got there just on time at 9 a.m. Rather discouraging.

Milagros, Ezequiel and Agustina. They really like what we teach. We tried to talk to their parents, but they were never there. 

But we had an awesome lesson with a recent convert, Pablo. He had had the lessons 6 years ago and was about to get baptized, but he decided last minute not to do it. Then, about a month ago, he showed up one Saturday at the church and told the elders he wanted to be baptized. So they did an interview and he got baptized the next day. (The elders were sad because Pablo belongs to our area/ward and not theirs.) He is great! He just had lots of really good questions and is excited to keep progressing! He also shared his testimony yesterday at church! 

Also, we had a neat experience. We were walking back to the pension and I was telling my comp a story when all of a sudden, she stops and starts talking to a woman outside her house who was cleaning her patio. I had to back track and we talked for a bit. When we left, the woman thanked us for the peace that she had been able to feel as we talked. We were there maybe 3 minutes, but she could feel the difference. We left there and my comp had tears in her eyes. She looked at me and we both said, Esto fue un milagro. It was beautiful!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week!! I love you all so much!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

P.S. Quotes of the week: Si tú lees las escrituras cada día de tu vida, jamás te apartarás de la Iglesia. (If you reed your scriptures every day, you shall never apart from the Church.)

Si tú das todo lo que puedas cada día, jamás te arrepentirás. (If you give everything you can every day, you will never have regrets.)

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