Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!

Here´s a picture of the four of us. Me with Hermana Montenegro. In back Hermana Dennis with Hermana Obregón.
Hola mis seres queridos! Espero que disfrutaran su Año Nuevo y que tuvieran una muy buena semana!
 [Hello my loved ones ! I hope you enjoyed your New Year and had a very good week !]

This week felt like three wrapped in one. 

My mini´s name is Hermana Montenegro. She´s from Saldán and is 18 years old. 

It was interesting this week trying to get everything worked out with four of us. We had lots of planning sessions and weren´t able to work as much because of it. I´m hoping that as time goes by, things calm down and become easier. 

As for investigators...

Jorge and Johana. We went to visit them and Johana really wants to progress, but she´s not going to do anything until her husband does something. They also needed to get married. The other hermanas went and they found Jorge alone. They talked very frankly with him and laid everything straight. They told him that he needed to make a commitment to progress, or we were going to stop visiting them. They invited him to church and said that he had to go or we weren´t going back. They didn´t go to church.

It´s always really sad to have to drop investigators. You grow to love them and want the best for them and you know that what´s best is the Gospel. They just refuse to accept the only thing in the world that could truly make them happy. 

We couldn´t get an appointment with Helena this week so we don´t know how she´s doing. She also didn´t go to church, though. We are thinking seriously about dropping her too...

Antonella, Damian y Eliana are doing great! (Eliana is Damian´s wife but they´re not married.) We told Damian that in order to be baptized, he had to get married. We encouraged him to propose on New Year´s at midnight. And he did it! They all came to church yesterday too, in spite of the fact that it rained and we all got wet! Their baptismal date is the 16 of January. But, Damian has to stop smoking and drinking. Also, on the way to church, we found out that Antonella smokes and does drugs. We were so sad. She explained a bit of her past and it is so tragic. She really want to quit, though, and she said she´ll do whatever it takes. She said she wants to be baptized to be able to start over again. She´s a sweetheart.

Special experience: On Friday, we were all together and we were going to an appointment. But, the person wasn´t there. So we decided to do some contacts. The people we´d contacted before weren´t home and I was kind of frustrated. I turned around and saw a woman sitting on the side of the road. She made eye contact with me so I walked over and gave her a pass-along card. We started talking and she said towards the end that we´d gotten there at the perfect moment. She said that she was feeling horrible and that she was thinking about packing up her stuff and leaving tomorrow. She said that no one would notice. She was going to leave her 13-year-old daughter. But us going and talking to her was a sign that God loved her and that someone was thinking of her. I love it when we have experiences like that. It was a testimony to me that we are God´s hands here. We are doing His work. All we have to do is open our mouths and do it. 

Things have been interesting with the minis. My mini is pretty chill and I´m really grateful. She´s the youngest in her family, too, and she always tells me stories about her nieces and nephews. It´s great because we have that in common. She´s pretty great! 

I think I´m just overly stressed. I went from one transfer being equally matched with my companion to having to do everything again. More than everything because she didn´t go to the MTC. I just want it to be a good experience but at the same time, I have to show her what it´s really like. So I hope it goes well.

We spent New Year´s Eve at a member´s house. We ate tacos and we got to stay up till 12:30. When we got home, the city had a big firework display for 15 minutes! We went up onto the roof to watch. It was really fun!

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well! I love you all so much!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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