Monday, January 18, 2016

Bautismo de Antonella

Hola todos!

This week was really good! Sorry, today I don´t have a lot of time. We have a P-day as a zone so we have to travel. :)

This week was really good! We were here in Carlos Paz on Tuesday and Wednesday and then we had to leave for an exchange for two days. In the days we were in Carlos Paz, we had to do some major planning and it was crazy! But we were able to talk to Antonella before leaving. We went with a member to help us help her feel comfortable in the ward and when we got there Antonella wasn't doing so hot. She started crying and didn't want to talk. So Hermana Obregón went and talked to her (Antonella trusts her the most) and while they were talking Damian came out and we could tell he was struggling too. He started talking about just leaving his family instead of getting married. He said it would be easier. He too started to cry. Hermana Dennis and I started whipping out scriptures and experiences to share. It was incredible. I know that that was not me in that moment. I can't even remember what we shared or said. It was amazing. I felt guided so closely by the Lord. Afterward, Damian said he was feeling much better. He was still crying, but we could tell that he was better. Antonella and Hermana Obregón joined us shortly and we talked about her baptism and our member (we bring a member and the investigators fall apart. Oh well, it's the work 😉) shared a very powerful testimony about her baptism. So, at the end, it all went well.

Hermana Dennis and I then had to travel to Santa Rosa to do an exchange. We were there in Santa Rosa for two days because there are now four hermanas there. The exchanges went really well and we were able to find a lot of people! I really like doing exchanges! It's fun to be with the hermanas and be able to help them. I'm really grateful for this opportunity.

Then on Saturday, we got back and had to get the baptism all ready. We cleaned and filled the font and got everything all ready. The Young Women had an activity that morning and had invited Antonella. She went! So when she got back, she got baptized! Damian, Eliana, Antonella's mom, Fernanda, and Abel were all there too! It was a beautiful service! Antonella said that when she got baptized, she had her eyes closed, but she felt as though there was a light that turned on. It made me think of the 'light in their eyes' that many non-members have mencioned. She has it now. On Sunday, she was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was beautiful!

Anyway, I'm doing really well here. We have been extremely blessed!

I hope you all have a great week!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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