Monday, December 28, 2015

Traslados tan locos (crazy transfers)

Hola familia y amigos! Cómo andan? Espero que todos estén bien! :)
[Hello family and friends! How is it going? I hope everybody is fine! :)]

Wow, Christmas has already come and gone and this week is New Year´s. That´s just crazy! I feel like it was yesterday that I was waiting to go to the MTC. 

Eleven months ago today, I left my house. So strange. So much has changed. I´ve grown. I've learned a new language. I´ve gotten to know people I never would have known otherwise. I´ve seen miracles. I´ve seen lives change. I´ve seen the Light of Christ touch people. It´s been amazing!

This week was really good. We were finally in the area the whole week, which was fantastic!

Jorge and Johana are still wanting to progress. Johana more than Jorge. But, we had a good lesson talking about the barriers that Satan puts in our way so that we won´t progress. She understood that she needs to be strong and not let these things get in her way. She said she´d go to church. 

We had a good talk with Helena. But she says she just needs time. She wants us to wait and stay with her, which I understand, but we can´t wait forever.

Neither Helena nor Johana went to church.

But last week we found some new investigators that are progressing very well. Their names are Antonella (15 years old), Damian (28 years old) and Eliana (Damian´s girlfriend but they live together). We found them trying to find an old contact that Hermana Dennis had done. We talked to Antonella and Damian first about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted! When we went the next time, Antonella told us that she wants to change religions. She wants to be ´Mormona´! We are very excited for them! Also, on Sunday, Antonella, Damian and Abel (Antonella´s grandpa) went to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas was great! On Christmas Eve, we went to a member´s house for dinner. The tradition here is to have a dinner and stay up till midnight to open your presents from Santa Clause. We were able to stay until 12:30 and saw everything. It was really neat! 

On Christmas day, my companion and I got up and opened presents (in honor of our tradition). Then we went to meet up with the zone and we did a White Elephant gift exchange. It was great! Then we came back and had lunch with a family and then we went to a member´s house to Skype our families! I LOVE SKYPE!!!!!!!! We had some complications with the microphone and everything, but once it finally worked, it was great! It was amazing to be able to talk and see everyone! What a blessing!

On Saturday night, we got the transfer call. We were nervous because we weren´t sure if Hermana Dennis was gonna stay or not. Well, Hermana Dennis and I both are staying here......but, we both have a mini missionary. I don´t think we have minis at home. I´d never heard of it before the mission. Anyway, a mini missionary is a member from another ward who decides they would like to help out or they´re thinking of going on a mission. Usually we do it when we are short on numbers. But, this time it´s just because there were a lot that wanted to serve. So, Hermana Dennis and I are still Sister Training Leaders, but we go out and work every day with a mini. 

It was the biggest curve ball they could have thrown at us. I´m freaking out a bit. I don´t know the area. Hermana Dennis and I still have to be united because we have to do exchanges with the other girls and we have to show a united front and technically we´re still companions. I have to do everything again. It was definitely not what I expected...Pero bueno. What will come will come, and we´ll meet it when it does.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful and happy New Year!!!!!! Welcome 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson 

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