Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Concert


Wow, the weeks are going by so fast! I remember when I first got here and my companion always said that it went by so fast. I remember thinking, yeah right. This is taking an age. Or, this is just normal. It´s not any faster than before. But now I feel like that was yesterday. Now it´s December. It´s crazy!

Anyway, how are you all doing? I hope that you´re all doing well and that you are enjoying this time of Christmas!

This week was really good. We traveled a ton. Again. Mostly for the Christmas Concert we had yesterday. It was amazing! We filled up the church. Completely. It was a beautiful choir concert. We made a choir of missionaries. There were about 50-60 of us. We sang Alabad al Señor, Regocijad Jesús nació, El Buen Pastor, y Que Firmes Cimientos. (Sorry I can´t remember what they´re called in English...) Also, I was in a quartet and we sang Silent Night. In English. :) My companion also sang O Holy Night and did an aboslutely beautiful job. She has a gorgeous voice! Presidente y Hermana Alliaud were there and they thought it was amazing. Hermana Alliaud cried.

It was amazing to be there! I got to see some people from Jesús María and that was really special. I had an ah ha moment. We were waiting to start and I was looking out into the crowd at the faces of the people that I knew and it was amazing. It was like I could see where I had been and where I was. I looked back on my mission and saw all of the miracles. The miracles weren´t me, but I was able to live them. I was able to work them. I almost started to cry (but then I remembered that I had to sing in 5 minutes and I can´t sing and cry at the same time). In that moment, I became so grateful for all the Lord has given me. This opportunity to be here has been incredible!

This week was really good. We visited Jorge and Johana but every time we went, they had some excuse and we couldn´t teach them. That was pretty sad.

Helena is back from Arroyito so we´re really happy. But, she hasn´t decided if she wants to get married or separated. We also taught her parter, Gabriel and he said that he wants to be baptized too. So yeah. We´re just waiting for their decision. It´s pretty frustrating. 

We also visited Saldán. I went with Hermana McArthur from Wyoming. It was a good day. I was kind of wary because she has more time than I do in the mission, but it was good. We had a good day. I hope I was able to help her. Every missionary has their ups and downs, their hardships and easy things. So I hope I helped.

Anyway, this week was just really good. I´m hoping that things calm down this week and that we can work more in my area. But as of now, todo tranquilo. ;)

Have a fantastic week! I love you all!!!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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