Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First Exchange in Merlo

¡Hola mis seres queridos!
[Hello my loved ones!]

So, this week was really good. :)

Investigator time. :)

So, Jorge y Johana. They are pretty awesome. Even though they didn't come to church on Sunday... ;) We went to visit them and Johana wasn't there because she had family that had come to visit from Córdoba. We were kinda sad. But we talked to the husband and we left him his own Book of Mormon. He was excited to read it. 

Helena was in Arroyito so we didn't see her. But we heard that the elders there passed by her house and that she enjoyed the visit. :)

We found some people too this week which was really good. I'm hoping that they progress.

We really weren't in Carlos Paz very much this week because we had to travel almost every day. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, we went to Cordoba (for paperwork, choir practices (because the missionaries are going to have a choir concert this next Sunday for Christmas and my companion and I also have a quartet), and zone meetings). On Thursday we went to Merlo for exchanges. 

It was my first exchange in Merlo and I was really nervous, but it turned out great! I went with Hermana Arias from Buenos Aires. She's a sweety. She was nervous because she was just made senior companion and has to direct the area. But she'll do great. It was good to be with her and help her. After the exchange, we always have interviews and she said that she enjoyed the exchange as well. So that made me really happy. :)

Anyway, we are doing quite well and are excited for this week!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! I love you all!!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

P.S. We didn't do anything for Thanksgiving because we were doing the exchange. :( It's ok though, the exchange was pretty good. :)

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