Monday, August 3, 2015

When It Looks Darker, Here Comes the Blessings

Hola hola!
How was your week everyone? I hope you all had a great week!

Bueno, this week I was a sinner and didn´t write in my we´ll do a summary of what happened. From what I remember...:)

Bueno, we´ll go by investigator.

Guada is doing well. She is so awesome! I just want her to be able to be baptized already! She told us that she wants to be a missionary. We visited her a bit and tried to talk to her dad. We even made an appointment with him, but he didn´t show up. We want to talk to him so that we can really communicate what we are donig and what it is that his daughter wants to do (get baptized). We went to pick her up on Sunday morning, but she didn´t come. Again. I want her to be able to come so badly! She is a dry Mormon. She´s amazing! We just don´t know what else we can do to help her.
Hna Criddle, Micaela and Romina
Bueno, Romina is amazing! She is reading the Book of Mormon and is really liking it! She told us that the only weird thing were the names. Y sí, es así. Pero bueno. When we went to our appointment on Friday, she was waiting for us with a cake. So we ate cake and mate cocido. Then, we went through the baptismal questions for her interview. All is well and she is absolutely ready! She told us that she was going to come to church in Bell Ville (because she lives in San Marcos) yesterday, but she didn´t come. She had a commitment she´d forgotten about and couldn´t come. We were really sad.

Wow, now Juan is the big story this week. So on Wednesday, Juan had is baptismal interview. All was fine, he passed, todo bien. So we were organizing the baptism, and we couldn´t find clothing that would fit him. Nowhere. We didn´t have clothes, the elders didn´t have clothes, there weren´t clothes in the church. Nowhere. We were panicking. So we postponed the baptism (that was on Saturday) to Sunday during the second hour of church. We found clothing, all was well but on Saturday night, we went to see Juan and we couldn´t find him. Which is weird. He´s always at the soccer field (because he works there and lives there). We thought he might have had to go somewhere and everything was fine. But, Sunday morning when we went to pick up Guadalupe, we went by his house. It was all locked up still. So, we waited for a bit and finally he showed up. He told us that he couldn´t come to church. He was sick. He told us that he went to the doctor on Saturday and that he couldn´t come to church. We asked, "not even for your baptism?" He told us no. So, we didn´t have a baptism. No baptism. We went back to the church and drained the font. We don´t know really what happened. If he really was sick, if so, what does he have? If he´s just scared. If he downright doesn´t want to be baptized. We don´t know.

In short, this week was a bit dramatic. We had a failed baptism and no investigators in the church. At times, I feel like a failure here. Like I can´t do anything right. We work all week and then no one shows up on Sunday. I ask myself what I´m doing wrong and I try to improve the next week and then again, no one shows up.

Una experiencia. Tuesday we decided to dedicate the whole day to contacts. We went around trying to contact people. Nobody let us in. Nobody. We went to one house and were about to ring the doorbell when the woman of the house said, "No toquen el timbre chicas. Vayan no más." (Don´t ring the doorbell. Go away.) That day was really hard. We had a lot of rejection that day. But, on Wednesday, we found 11 new investigators. That, to me, is a testament that when it looks really dark, the blessings are really close. (O en español, cuando lo más oscuro se ve, ahí viene las bendiciones.) [Or in Spanish, when it looks darker, here comes the blessing.]

But, also, lately we have been having a hard time finding new investigators. But, this week we found 17! Much better! I am hoping that at least one of these people progresses. At least one.

It´s really hard to be senior companion. Everything, good or bad, is your fault. I felt really horrible yesterday with our failed baptism. It was my fault. We didn´t plan it well, we couldn´t get our investigator to the church, we couldn´t this, we couldn´t that. I know that it´s really terrible to tell yourself these things, but sometimes it´s hard to stop the thoughts. Anyway, sorry to be a Negative Nelly.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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  1. estoy tan agradecida de que dios me las allá puesto en mi vida, gracias a haberlas conocido he encontrado la paz y la felicidad que tanto buscaba espero cada viernes para escuchar su consejos y la sabiduría que me dan jamas jamas jamas olvidare sus mirada y sus sonrisas que iluminas mis días quiero decirles a sus familias gracias muchas gracias por educar con tanto amor a sus tesoros y compartir el brillo de sus tesoro mas preciado con los argentino que tanta falta nos hacen adolescentes así tienen unas hija maravillosas y muy abocadas a la mision ... las quiero mucho mucho romina