Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perfect fit in the palm of my arms

Hola hola todos!
I hope that you all had a wonderful week!

Bueno, todo bien esta semana. No increíble, pero fue buena. :)
[Well , all right this week. Not amazing, but it was good . :)]

There was a lot of rain this week and so it was a little hard to find people. Here, when it rains, everyone stays inside and they don't open the door. Pero, está bien. 

Bueno, with Guadalupe. We've been having a hard time finding her, but we finally did on Saturday. We talked to her and read the Book of Mormon with her. It was really neat. She realized that the Book of Mormon is a story. She kept asking us what happened next and we told her that she had to read to find out. Also, Hermana Criddle had the impression to tell her that if she finished the Book of Mormon, she would have permission from her dad to be baptized. Now she is really enthused! She's so cute. She didn't come to church, though...again. It's so hard. We know, though, that if it were her choice, she would be there every Sunday.

Romina: We went to go teach her on Friday and one of her friends came over to visit. But Romina is not ashamed of anything so we sat there and were talking about the church. Her friend had already heard about us and so we were talking. I gave her a Book of Mormon and she was reading the last two paragraphs of the introduction. She asked, "Who is Joseph Smith?" Bueno, José Smith es.... and we taught the First Vision. It was great! Her friend promised us as well that she would read the Book of Mormon. It was great because we had planned to teach about missionary work and we had the opportunity to show her what exactly that was. Romina as well was teaching her friend. It was so cute. She said, "The Mormons, well us. Because I'm going to be baptized. I don't know if I told you." And then she starting teaching about the Restoration. 

Juan: Juan Juan Juan Juan. Bueno, we stopped by a couple times to see how he was and see if he was listening to the Book of Mormon. He said he was and that he was going to come to church on Sunday. But he didn't come. I think that this week we're going to have a charla franca (frank talk to see where he stands, interested or no). Bueno, we're going to give him a few more chances and then, we'll probably have to leave him. 

Elva and Estefania are doing well. They weren't there for their appointment, but we stopped by on Saturday and found Elva. We talked a lot about why she let us in, why she was listening to us. If you remember, her husband was investigating the church when he died. She talked a lot about him. Her motivation, more than anything, is to be able to see him again. We talked a lot about eternal families and the way that we can make our families eternal. It was really good. They're progressing, but slowly. Everyone has their pace. :)

Anyway, this week was really good and now we are starting out on the last week of transfers. It's always a little hard this week becuase you don't know who's leaving. Or where. Or who's going to be your next companion. But, we are determined to work hard. :)

[Perfect fit in the palm of my arms.]

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! I love you all so much!!! Que disfruten!!! [Enjoy]

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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