Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trust In the Lord with All Thine Heart

Hola todos! Cómo están? 
Wow, what a week. Bueno, I´ll try to get my thoughts in order.

Last week of transfers and we knew (well, we thought) that it would be the last week for Hermana Criddle. And we were right. Transfers hit us. Hermana Criddle left Bell Ville for Oncativo and I am staying in Bell Ville. I am going to train.Yeah, I´m a little scared. It´s a big responsibility. 

Anyway, the investigators. 

Guadalupe: She is so sweet. I just want her to be able to be baptized. She is just waiting for permission. It´s really hard to wait. She´s getting a little down-heartened, but we´re trying to help her keep positive. We were with her when the assistant to the president called me to tell me that I was going to train. Guada started to cry. So did Hermana Criddle because she knew that she was leaving. Guada told us that she wasn´t going to love another hermana. She wasn´t going to do it. But then she saw that I was scared to train and she told me, "It´s ok. I´m going to help you. She can teach me and it´ll be good practice because I already know everything." She is so sweet.

Elva: We talked about the Book of Mormon and about how we can receive our answers from God. It was a really good lesson. I asked her if she had prayed to know if what we were teaching was true. She told us that she didn´t need to ask. She knew it was true. I was about to tell her that she should ask anyway, but I felt the impression not to. I then thought of King Lamoni in the book of Alma. He told Ammon that he would believe all the words that Ammon said. It´s the same with Elva. For a while, we had been struggling to help her accept a baptismal date, so our district leader told us that we could give her a soft invitation. So we did. We asked her if, when she gets her answer about this church, she would be baptized. We didn´t say a date, just if she would once she received her answer. She said yes! We were so happy! The reason she doesn´t want to commit for a date is that she doesn´t want to lie. So, she doesn´t want to make a commitment and then never make it through to the end. But we know that she´ll get there. We know.

Romina: She is amazing! She sets her own appointments! Anyway, she told us that she would be in Bell Ville on Tuesday and that maybe we could get together and read the Book of Mormon. Of course we said yes! We read where she left off. She´s already in Jacob. So we read Jacob 5. We were a little nervous about explaining it, but she understood! It was great! Then she invited us to have lunch with her on Friday with her daughters. We went and had a great lunch and then taught her two daughters. The older one is 9 years old and the younger 7. We talked about the desision that their mom had made to be baptized and what it meant. We invited the older daughter to be baptized and she accepted! She´s so cute. Then we asked the younger one if she would be baptized when she turned 8. She also accepted! Then we taught Romina about temples and family history. She is amazing! She wants her eternal family so much! I really love her. It was sad, though. We knew, more or less, that it was the last time that Hermana Criddle would see Romina. It´s always hard to say goodbye. Hermana Criddle and her other companion were the ones that started teaching Romina. It was a tender moment. 

Anyway, that was my week. On Sunday we said goodbye to a lot of people. It was really sad. I wanted to cry with the members and I was staying there. But, Hermana Criddle is so sweet. So sweet. It was hard to say goodbye to her today.

Right now, I´m back in Jesús María! I´m waiting here until Wednesday with Hermana Linares. She´s going to train as well. 
Shared Dreams Come True
Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. I hope you know how much I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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