Monday, June 22, 2015

When You Can't See the Light at the End of the Tunnel, Turn to the Light of the World


Wow, the weeks are flying by so fast! This week was good.

On Tuesday we tried contacting some antiguo investigadores. It´s a really good excuse to contact the people who live around them if they´re not there. We found some new potential investigators and then we had lunch with the S--------- family. They are awesome! Both of the parents served missions. Actually, they met in the mission. But they are always so willing to help us. Then we had a cita with the mother of a less active member. We talked to her for a while, and then the daughter came (the member) and we talked to her. Then the granddaughter came home and we talked to her. The granddaughter isn´t a member either. We were in the house for about an hour and a half,  just talking with different members of the family.

On Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning and then we visited the P------- family. Only one person was home, Daniela, so we talked to her for a bit. She isn´t a member, but now, it seems, that she is interested in the church. We are excited to start teaching her! Then we went and taught Jorge. We taught the Plan of Salvation. We were scared about teaching it because we have to teach really simply. But, we did it and he understood!! We used lots of examples so that he could imagine it all. We were so happy!!! That evening, we visited the V------ family. We showed some Mormon Messages and Haydeé (the mom), wants to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!

Thursday we had weekly planning and in the afternoon, we took Emanuel with us to go contacting. We contacted one of his friends and we are going to start teaching him. The rest of the afternoon, we had no success. It was hard. It´s hard to be out in the field with no success, let alone with a member. We want them to see the best part of the work.

Friday was spectacular. We got a call late on Thursday night telling us that we were going to have interviews with Presidente Alliaud the next day. So, Friday morning we headed out to Córdoba. We were in a church there, but there was no heat. (Keep in mind that it´s winter here...) We were freezing! When it was my turn for my interview, we were in a nice, heated room. (Por lo menos.) The interview was fantastic! I love interviews with Presidente!!! He is amazing. He had just the right words to say and scriptures to share. It was great! When we got back to Jesús María, it was really late. We visited P------- and then had to go back to the pension. It was worth it though!

Saturday, there was an activity in the church for Father´s Day. But, there weren´t very many people. We had to leave to go to our lunch appointment (there were lots of people after we left...) with the V------ family. They´re great! Then we did some contacting. In the evening, all of our plans fell through, so we walked to a member´s house and asked them if they could drive us to the other side of town. (It´s about an hour´s walk.) So, we visited Jorge and he was very excited to go to church the next day.

Sunday, we went to pick up Jorge and he couldn´t come. He was sick. We were devastated.  We had no investigators in the church. Hna Linares had a huge headache, so bad that it made her sick. I made her rest for a while and then we visited Hna M---------. Hna M--------- hasn´t been in the church for a couple of weeks so we were worried. Pero, todo bien. She has a newborn and he´s been sick, so she couldn´t come to church with her sick baby and her five other kids (her husband isn´t a member either).

It was a good week. It´s hard, though, when you feel like you´re working hard and you´re not seeing the fruits of your labor. But, with time, they´ll grow. I know that. :) As my cousin always told me: Patience is a virtue, Virtue is a grace. Put them both together and you´ll get a smile on your face. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Father´s Day yesterday!!! I love you all!! Have a fantastic week!

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