Monday, March 16, 2015

Jesus María

Hola all!!!

Wow! This has been so crazy, and I don´t have much time, but I´ll do my best.

So, in the MTC. On Thursday, we had In field orientation all day. It

was really good, and I learned a lot. It was all about contacting, how
to work with the ward, things we hadn´t really learned in class,
because we were learning the language. We also went and saw Mercedes
for the last time. She didn´t have much time becuase she had a class
to go to, but we got a quick picture and then she told us that she was
a member (which I´m really glad we never knew while teaching her. It
made it easier for us to teach her thinking she wasn´t a member), but
that she had been going through a hard time and that we helped her a
lot. She said that, even though she´s a memeber, it´s easy to forget
that God loves us. She said that in every lesson with us, she could
feel God´s love. That made me so happy!!!

Micaela and her companion with Mercedes
On Friday, we had our last service, and then we had class. We learned
that how we had been speaking the whole time in the MTC was wrong
because we didn´t know a certain form of conjugation. So the whole
time we were in the MTC we sounded really stupid. We didn´t learn this
form until now because it´s really confusing. Hopefully I´ll get it
one day. :) Hermana Savage also shared some experiences from her
mission. She´s great! She also gave us an invitation. She asked us to
examine our hearts and find what we were holding back from the Lord.
There is always more that we can give. Once we had found what we were
holding back, she invited us to give it to the Lord. Even if it´s
hard. This is the Lord´s time. Not mine. And once I give Him my all,
miracles will happen.

Saturday was really sad. I had to say goodbye to my teachers. I love

them so much and they really made a huge impact on my life. I am SO
grateful for them and their examples and friendship.

Micaela with Sister Boyce

Micaela with Sister Savage
 Sunday, was our last day in the MTC. We went to all our normal
meetings and had our last District Meeting. Then, at night after the
devotional, we had our own meeting as a district. We were able to
recieve blessings from our elders. Blessings of comfort. We were all
scared. Leaving the MTC is a bit scary. You don´t know what´s out
there, where your going, who your trainer is or really anything. But
the blessing I received was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I felt so
calm and ready to go. Even though I didn´t know what was going to
happen. I was ready.

Micaela's district with Sister Boyce

Micaela's district with Sister Savage
That night we packed and then had to wake up at 3:30 to take Hermana
Shelley to the travel office. It was sad to see her go, but I know
that she´ll be amazing! Then Hermana Nordfelt and I had to go at 6. We
left Hermana Pula alone until she left at 1:30 that afternoon.

We got to the airport and I was able to talk to my parents for a bit.

It was great to hear their voices again after 6 weeks! While talking
to them, who walked by me? Elder Holland! I got to talk to him briefly
and shake his hand. Then we took a picture and he had to go. But, we
were on the same plane! I was like, there is no way this plane is
going down, we have a member of the Quorum of the Twelve on board!
Once we touched down in Georgia, I called my mom again. We found 5
very kind strangers that loaned us their cell phones. Then we flew for
10 hours to Argentina!!! Once in Argentina, we didn´t know how we were
going to get to Córdoba because we were in Buenos Aires. We found the
mission president of Buenos Aires there waiting for their
missionaries. They directed us onto a bus that drove us to the in
country airport. From there we flew to Córdoba. When we got there, our
mission president and his wife were there to meet us. They are so
kind! And they speak English! I was so relieved!!! They took us to the
Mission Home and we had an orientation, did document work and had
dinner. We had empanadas!!! The best!! That night we stayed in a

In the morning, we did some more document work in the City Central and

contacted people in the streets. We were a trio at this point because
we had a native too, Hermana Garriga. She´s from Spain. At lunch, we
met our trainers. But we didn´t know who was with who. We went into
the front yard and he announced our trainers. I was really afraid. Two
of the trainers for us were native and one was gringa. I really wanted
a gringa. When he announced my companion, she came running toward me
to give me a big hug. I got the gringa!!! God knows that I needed her.
Her name is Hermana Romeril. She´s from southern California. She is
pretty awesome! She is really funny and very supportive. It´s hard
because I don´t understand everything and I often don´t feel that I
can speak, but she´s always there cheering me on.

My area is Jesus María. It´s about an hour and twenty minutes north of

Córdoba. It is really hot here. And there are lots of mosquitos. I
have about 20 bites on one leg.  One leg. It´s also humid. But I don´t
notice that much. It´s very pretty here. There are lots of trees and
it´s very tranquil.

I´ve met the ward, and they are great! Very strong ward. I haven´t met

many investigators yet though. I don´t have enough time to go through
every day here, but I want to tell you about some of the miracles I´ve
already seen here. The first night, we had about 30 minutes before we
had to return to the appartment and Hermana Romeril was like, ok,
we´re going to go contacting. I´ll go first. She walked up to a woman,
and she is interested. Her name is Soledad and we are going to try and
get her at her house this week. Then it was my turn. I didn´t know
what to do, so we walked. Then I had us go left, then right. Then I
saw this boy sitting on the curb and I said, ¨him.¨ We walked up and I
said hello. He looked up and Hermana Romeril was like, ¨hey, I know
you¨. Apparently she had met him on the streets twice before, but he´d
always said he had to run. This time, he gave us his address, his
phone number and we have an appointment with him tomorrow! I didn´t
even know what I was doing!

Yesterday, we took a bus to a part of the town that´s far away, for an

appointment. But all of our plans fell through. We were waiting at the
bus stop when we started talking to a man who was waiting too.
Goodness is he ready for the Gospel! He asked us, ¨Why are there so
many churches in the world?" We were like, good question, let´s talk
about it. We talked for an hour becuase the bus was late. It was

Ok, one investigator we have is Andrea. She is really struggling right

now with stress and other things in her life that she won´t tell us.
We visited her my second day here and she listened. She also told us
that if it were her choice, she would kill herself. That´s how down
she is. We testified that God loves her and that she can do the things
she has to do. I also bore my testimony to her. It was the first time
I´d really talked in a lesson, and hopefully something I said touched
her, although, I don´t know if she understood it all. She was softened
and said we could come back the next day. So we did. When we walked up
to her house, she came out and told us that she was really mad. But
mostly at God and my companion. (Because my companion talks, and I
don´t much...) We talked for a bit and she softened, but she asked us
to not come by for a while while she cools off.

Yesterday was really hard. We had church and then meetings and

studying fo the whole day. But I felt so sick. I´m pretty sure it was
the stomach flu. I had a fever and I felt like I was going to throw
up. But, I was able to get through all my meetings and today, I feel
all better. The Lord is really here for me and is helping me every

I don´t understand everything that is said to me, and every time I´m

asked a question, my heart pounds. But I understand more than I
thought I would. And I can say more than I thought I could too. I know
what´s going on and I can get along. And my companion is such a help
for me. My district is just me, my companion and a companionship of
elders. We´re like a little family and they´re all great!

I love you all so much!!! I wish all the best! Thank you for your

prayers and support!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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