Monday, March 30, 2015

"Here's a book. You can see it and touch it. It's real, and it's testifying of Christ."

¡Hola! Estoy muy agradacida por sus correos y su apoyo! Les amo!
Translation: Hello! I am very grateful for your emails and your support! I love you!

Hermana Romeril, Caro, and Micaela
Monday was good. After P-day ended, we went to the bus station, but we there were no buses because it was a holiday. We kind of panicked. We needed to go so we could talk to Angel and Cristina. So, we started walking. We went to the house of our investigator Alicia to see if she might be willing to take us to Los Nogales. She did. What an angel! When we got there, we were only able to talk to Angel. We took a member with us, Rodrigo. Angel didn´t have much time and neither did we (It was getting quite late.), so we asked Angel if he could take us home. He did too. How amazing! On the way back, we talked to him about prayer. We asked him to pray before our next visit. Later, Rodrigo told us that Angel told him that he was afraid to pray. Which I understand. He´s just starting out this relationship with God, and he can´t see Him. It´s hard. But you never know until you try. He also told Rodrigo that perhaps the next time we come he´ll ask us not to pass again. I sure hope not! After Angel dropped us off, we went to go visit a recent convert, Caro (the mother of Jonothan who I sent pictures of last week), for her birthday. She is so awesome! She found out that we have no food or money so she took us out for dinner. We had hot dogs, but they were like three times as long and even more delicious.

On Tuesday morning, we had breakfast with Caro again because she insisted. We had mate and criollos which are now my favorite thing in the world. (Yes, I love mate. It´s amazing and you should all try it.) Then we walked to Los Nogales. We tried to contact all of our investigators there, but no one answered. Then we had lunch with the Delgado family and afterward the mom gave us 6 tortillas. Three for us and three for los elderes because they didn´t have food or money either. But their tortillas aren´t like what you´re thinking. They’re still round, but it´s like a round thing of bread and it´s amazing! On the walk back, we ran into a man selling string bracelets and metal rings on the sidewalk. He´s from Brazil! He was speaking in Portuguese and I could sort of understand him! At least as well as I can anyone else here. Some things I understood more than my companion (I think it´s because I´m familiar with the accent and some of the differences of the language.), but it was really amazing! He asked if we had any food and so we gave him a tortilla. His face was so grateful! He´s really poor, I mean, he doesn´t even have shoes. His name is Naxan and we´re going to go back when we have money to buy some of his things. Then we visited Jonothan. He told us that he´d just gotten fired that day and was kind of down. We shared some scriptures with him and he said he felt better. Then we had to walk back to Los Nogales to talk to Cristina because she said she´d be home. We took Hermana Diaz with us. Cristina won´t be able to be baptized on Saturday. She talked to her boss about having the weekends off and he told her that if she wanted a different schedule, she could get a different job. She´s having a bit of a hard time with that because she likes her work, but she really wants to have time with her family. The lesson was good, but Hermana Diaz kind of took over and we didn´t have time to really get into the lesson. It was a very good talk, though.

On Wednesday, it was pouring rain again (It had rained on Tuesday all day too). And when it rains here, it rains all day, really hard. We decided that it was time to visit Andrea again. We were a bit nervous that she would bite our heads off, but it ended up being really good. She didn´t have time to talk to us, but she called us amigas y amor, so that´s good. Then we visited with a recent convert, Dora. She´s a powerhouse and the sweetest little lady! After lunch, we tried contacting investigators, but none were home (This was the pattern of this week.). Then we decided to contact this old investigator named Elsa. She´s about 70 and doesn´t believe in God. She asked us why God allows so many bad things to happen. We told her we would study and come back on Friday.

Thursday we had a lot of studies. After our morning studies, we had weekly planning, then lunch, then a training session (The First 12 Weeks), and then correlación misional con the ward mission leader. But, our ward mission leader was an hour late. Then we went to visit Matías. He is part of a part member family, but the missionaries before us really pushed him. He only kept the commitments to get them off his back. That´s never good. We aren´t here to force people to do things. We are here to invite. That´s all we can do. That´s all we should do. We told him that we would never force him to do something that he didn´t want to do, but that he is always invited to talk with us and come to church. He was very appreciative of that. Afterward, we decided to do something for the elders because they had seemed down at correlación misional. We made them a poster filled with quotes, funny and inspirational, and bought them some facturas. They said later that they really enjoyed it.

Dora and Micaela
On Friday we went to visit Dora, the recent convert. She is so cute! We went in and she had us sit down at a table. She then served us mate and crackers with butter y dulce. She barely has enough food for herself, but she wanted to give us something. She told us, "You give me scriptures, you give me songs, and what do I give you? Nothing. So here is something that I could give you." She´s amazing. Later that day, we were trying to find an investigator, but he wasn´t there. As we were walking away, Hermana Romeril turned around and started talking to a lady outside of her house. Her name is Alejandra. She said that she´d love to go to a church because she wants to. She said that she only goes to the Catholic Church because her family does. We have an appointment with her this week! Then we visited Elsa again. We gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon with 2 Nephi 2 all marked up with her answer. We were reading with her when she stopped us and told us she wasn´t convinced. We told her that we´re not here to convince her. We tried to help her realize that she needs to pray to know for herself but she told us that she only believes in the things that she can see and touch. We told her, here´s a book. You can see and touch it. It´s real, and it´s testifying of Christ. But she wouldn´t believe. She wants a sign. We told her that if she is going to wait for a sign, she´s going to wait a long time. I have never been so sad in all my life. Coming out of that lesson, she doesn´t want us to come back to talk about the Gospel. We can chat, but no gospel. I was so sad. I know that God wants Elsa to come unto Him, but she won´t. She is so closed. Her time to accept the Gospel will come. Perhaps not in this life, but it´ll come.

On Saturday we took a bus to Malabrigo (un barrio de los elderes) so that we could make it to our lunch appointment with the bishop and his wife. We were there early so we went contacting. We ran into the brother of a family in the ward. He said that he´d like to come to church so that he could know whether or not he likes it. He´s a good reference for the elders. Then we had lunch with the bishop and his wife. They are so funny! That afternoon, we did our studies (training and language) and then tried contacting some recent converts, but none were home.

Sunday was good. None of our investigators came to church, though. It´s really sad. They need to come to church! We don´t know how to help them. Angel, Cristina, Alicia, Alejandra, even the brother from the day before, none of them came. (Also, we tried contacting Laura multiple times. She never answers the door, even when we know that she is there. She doesn´t want to talk to us. It´s really sad.) Church was really good, though. Then we went to lunch with a family and they gave us so much meat! I have never had so much in my life! It was really good, though. And I was starving since all we had for breakfast was mate because we had no food. (We have food now, though. Never fear.) Then we had district meeting and then my training session. It was good!

 I´m loving it here in Jesus María and I do feel that my Spanish is improving day by day. Perhaps just a little slower than I´d like, but it´s coming. I´m also understanding more and more. It´s really amazing. People find out that I´ve only been here for 3 weeks and they can´t believe that I can understand them and that I can speak as much as I can. Really, it is a miracle.

I hope you all are doing well! I love you all and wish you the best for this upcoming week!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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