Wednesday, March 11, 2015

¡buen viaje!

Our telephone conversation with Micaela at the airport was short because there were so many missionaries flying out to Argentina and it was hard for her to get a phone. It was so wonderful to hear her voice! She sounded excited and calm at the same time. She told us that the elders had given the sisters a blessing the night before and all of their anxieties had melted away. She spoke lovingly of everyone in her district. She told us that Elder Holland was coming over to talk to the missionaries so we said a quick goodbye.

During her layover in Atlanta, she was again having a hard time with the phones and a man offered his cell phone to her. She told us that half her plane had been filled up with missionaries going to Argentina and Elder Holland was on that flight too! He spoke warmly to the missionaries and they had their photo taken with him. (Micaela said that one of the elders promised to send her the photo.) We only had a few minutes to talk before the man needed his phone back. Another quick goodbye.

Later on I got another phone call from another borrowed cell phone (There was no time to find out the story behind this. Did someone else offer it or did she ask?) Micaela said, "I forgot to bear my testimony to you in Spanish," which she quickly did and then she said goodbye again.

It was wonderful to talk to her and feel how much she has grown in six short weeks.

I wasn't sure if I would hear from the mission when Micaela arrived because communication had been so poor when Ben was in Mexico, but I was very grateful to get two letters from the mission and
pictures as well!
The newly arrived missionaries with President & Sister Alliaud
Dear Parents,

          We are pleased to inform you that your son/daughter has arrived to the Argentina Córdoba Mission perfectly well.  We received him/her in the airport and we came directly to the mission home where we had a welcome meeting and a traditional dinner for this area.  They will spend this night in a nice hotel and that is close to our home.  Tomorrow he will meet his/her companion and they will go to their area together. 

         We are extremely grateful to receive a noble spirit like your son/daughter who is so consecrated to the Lord.  Thank you very much for all that you have done to prepare him/her.  We will take care of your son/daughter as if he/she were our own child.


            President & Sister Alliaud

Dear parents, 

Here are some pictures of your missionaries with their trainers and the President and his wife (and their youngest child). Your children are now travelling with their companions to their new areas with their new companions.

Enjoy and have a great day.

The Cordoba Temple is right next to the mission home.

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