Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Listen to the Spirit

Hermanas Wilson and Nordfelt

Hola everyone! 

Yo soy una misionera!!! I really am loving it here at the MTC! At first (last Wednesday), I was really confused and didn't understand what was going on, but things are great now! My companion's name is Hermana Nordfelt. I met her on Facebook before coming here and we were really excited to be companions! We have four elders in my district and two other sisters. Their names are Hermana Shelley, Hermana Pula, Elder Larson, Elder Stewart, Elder Riding (who is our district leader), and Elder Isaacson. They are all pretty great. We have a great district! My teacher's name is Hermana Savage. She is the best teacher there! Normally she teaches the teachers, but right now she's ours and we love her!

On Wednesday, we met as all the new missionaries and had a conference that was really good. The MTC presidency talked to us. Then we had the opportunity to talk with some REAL investigators! We didn't know they were real at first though. We were in a room with 70 missionaries and 1 investigator. The first investigator we talked to was named Lance. He was great! He didn't understand how God loved him. So we talked to him about that. He felt so intimidated by God. He felt like he had done so many bad things in his life that there was no way that God could ever forgive him for everything. We really tried to help him and maybe something that we said did, but it was hard to teach him with 70 other elders and sisters. That really taught me why we go two by two. Then we taught Barbara. She was harder. She didn't open up really and so it was hard to see what she really needed. But also in this one, she asked a question, and then nobody answered (I tried, but I never got called on). It was really frustrating and the Spirit definitely was not there. That really taught me how important the Spirit is. There cannot be any ill feelings when you are teaching. If there are, then you won't teach well. Then we got to teach Lawanna. She was so sweet. She has cancer and her chemo isn't working. She doesn't want to continue with treatment, but she is because her friends want her to. Both of her parents are dead and she really doesn't have anyone. We just really tried to help her feel of God's love. 

So we do have an 'investigator' (she's an actress who is using an experience from her mission) for just our district too. Her name is Jimena. She is really sweet! We absolutely love her! We taught her the first time (on Friday) about God's love (because she also didn't see how God was in her life or how God could ever love her). The lesson went well, but it was hard too. We teach her in Spanish too so that definitely makes it harder. The next day, our teacher wasn't there for the first block of class, so we thought it was our time for personal/companion/language study. Then a man came in and said that our investigator, Jimena, was waiting for us. We had no idea we were teaching her again and that she would be there! We felt so bad!!! Hermana Nordfelt and I went in first and apologized profusely. She was kind about it though. But we had NO lesson plan! None, whatsoever! We had to go completely off the Spirit. It was really good though, because the time before we had prepared a sort of script and there was a definite barrier between us. This time, we were able to just get to know Jimena and show her that we love her. We asked Jimena a few days ago to pray to know of God's love for her. The next day we came back and she said she had prayed! We were so happy! We couldn't stop grinning! She said that she still doesn't know if God loves her, but she definitely felt good when she prayed. We told her that that was his love and to continue to pray to know. She also committed to read the Book of Mormon! She's fantastic!!!

We also have another investigator (just Hermana Nordfelt and me). Her name is Mercedes. But we also didn't know we were going to be teaching her until someone came and told us that our investigators were waiting for us. We were about to go and teach Jimena, so after we taught Jimena, we went and met with Mercedes. It was a short visit because we were so late, so we just got to know her a bit. I can't wait to get to know her better! 

Yesterday, I was in the choir for the devotional. We sang Sweet Hour of Prayer, which I never really liked before now because in seminary it is played so often that it got really old really fast. But our conductor really made it come alive! While we were learning the song, I couldn't stop thinking about Jimena. And my heart felt like it was going to explode because it felt so good. I then remembered a story that one of my young women leaders told us of when she went to the temple and was feeling that way. She realized that she was feeling God's love for us. I had the opportunity, last night, to feel a portion of the love that God has for Jimena. It was amazing and the strongest feeling I've had since being here. It really was a miracle! I know God lives and that He loves all of you!

Things are going really well here. For gym time, I play 4 square. Every day. And, I love it! :) The food is really not good though. Some things are, like the salads and soups, but often it isn't. 

We have one class every day that is taught by Hermana Savage and she speaks to us only in Spanish. It's really helped me learn though. I can already understand almost everything that she says. And I've learned so much. I mean to be able to teach a lesson in Spanish two days after getting here, it's pretty miraculous! I'm loving the Spanish and it's already replacing some of my English (which I'm sad that my English is going...), but I am really seeing the Lord's hand in my life. 

I want you all to know how much I love you! I want you to know that the Lord's hand is here. I know that He loves you. I know that. Yo sé que! 

I love you! Now, I go to bring them heaven!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

P.S. I hope you all enjoy the pictures! :) Things really are good! :)

Hermanas Wilson and Nordfelt pointing to their destination, Cordoba, Argentina.

The sisters in Micaela's district.

Micaela's district

Someone put encouraging Post-its on Micaela's door.

"There are six in one room, meaning there is no room for anything, really."

The sisters in Micaela's zone.

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