Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Flies Fast

 Hola mi familia y mis amigos!!!
I hope you are all doing well! Here we are! Another Wednesday down! It's crazy how fast the time flies!

This week has been really good! On Monday, it was quite sad because we had to say goodbye to our other district. We were alone for three days. Just district 21D. We are really excited for the other district and we know that they'll be great in Argentina! It's just hard, sometimes, to say goodbye.

Today, we are getting a new district! Six elders and five Hermanas. We are really excited to get to know them. And also, to not be the only ones in our district. Also, on Sunday, Hermana Nordfelt and I were made the new Sister Training Leaders, so now we feel an extra responsibility for our new sisters.

Jimena is doing really well! On Wednesday, we took her on a "Church Tour" and showed her what church is like (as much as we could here at the MTC without real classrooms and such). We even had 'the bishop' there (really he's another teacher but he didn't have a district at the time). We invited her to go to church on Sunday and she accepted. We met with her again on Monday and we asked about church. She had gone with a friend and absolutely loved it! She said that she loved how kind everyone was. She said it felt like everyone were friends with one another and that was really cool to her. She said that at the Catholic church, no one really talked, but at our church, people stayed after to talk with each other. We were so happy that she enjoyed it! 

Daniela is also doing well. We taught her on Thursday, but it was really hard. In preparing for that lesson, Hermana Nordfelt and I didn't feel the guidance of the Spirit as we usually do. Normally, while thinking about what we should teach, one idea sticks out. But that didn't happen this time. The lesson still went well, and we know that Spirit was with us in the lesson, we were just confused. We taught her again on Saturday and she shared an experience with us. She said that the day before she was really struggling and was feeling really sad. But then she remembered our invitation to her to pray and she did. She said that her feelings were lifted, taken away. She was amazed! That had never happened to her before! We were so happy that she could experience this. We explained to her that this, indeed, was and answer to her prayers. She has been frustrated because she couldn't see how the Lord was helping her family and she had been praying so fervently for help. But, this, this experience, was an answer. 

On Thursday, we also taught Mercedes. We taught the third lesson in Preach My Gospel, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We explained that she needed to be baptized and we invited her to do as such. She said that she wanted time to pray to know if that was right for her. We told her that we understood. I think it's great that she knows that through prayer, she can receive any answer she desires and any help she may need. On Monday, we taught her again. I can tell that she loves our church and has a testimony of some things too, like prayer. She's afraid to be baptized because she doesn't know everything. We told her that we still don't know everything and that's okay. As long as we have faith, hope and believe, that's all we need. We teach her again today for the last time . . . I am extremely sad! I love Mercedes and I do not want to say goodbye!!! 

Back to Thursday when Hermana Nordfelt and I were struggling with Daniela's lesson. We talked to Hermana Savage afterward because we were really concerned. She shared 3 Nephi 9:20 with us. It talks about how the Lamanites were baptized with fire, but they knew it not. She said that we are just like those Lamanites. Here, in the MTC, we are baptized with fire, baptized with the Holy Ghost. But at times, we know it not. Then she had us read Helaman 10:4-5. In those scriptures, God is talking to Nephi about his faithfulness. He says that He knows that Nephi would never ask for something that was against God's will, and so anything that Nephi said, would come to pass. Hermana Savage said that the Lord has confidence in us. He has faith in us. He trusts us to do His work. We are His missionaries. We are His hands. He would not allow us to do something that is against His will. Also, she said, that our hearts are changing. They are becoming more in line with what the Lord would have us do. It is not meet that I should command in all things.

Also, on Thursday, our zone auditioned with Come Thou Fount. Elder Riding (in my district) made an arrangement with a song he had written. It's a great song! And, we made it! Hopefully, we will sing it on Sunday! And, yes, I did get to play Savior, Redeemer of My Soul this last Sunday. We played for the Departure Devotional (all missionaries that are leaving that week have a devotional about going out into the field). It was great! Our vocalist was getting sick, but she was still able to sing wonderfully and the Spirit was with us! It is amazing what we can do with the Lord.

Spanish is great! I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn Spanish! We are learning the past tenses for Spanish (because they have 3) and it can be difficult at times. Also, my district made a goal to only speak in Spanish starting this last Monday for the rest of the time that we are here. It's going to be hard, but I'm up for the challenge! Plus, I feel that that's one of the best ways to learn it! 

Thank you all for your letters and your prayers! I love you all so much!!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

P.S. More photos from the temple. I have a feeling that this is going to be a weekly thing.... :)

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