Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dios les ama (God loves you)

Micaela with Sister Boyce, her MTC teacher
Hola familia y amigos!!!
I hope that you are all doing well! This week has been pretty amazing! There have been some hard moments, but it's amazing how much the Lord is in my life. Just like He is in all of our lives. 

We taught Daniela for the first time last Wednesday. She didn't believe that God loves her and so we talked about how God really is there for her and how He loves her. I shared my favorite scripture, John 14:18 and it really touched her and she cried. She is having a really hard time with her family and she said that she would pray to know of God's love. 

Jimena is doing well. On Thursday, we asked her to say the opening prayer, and she broke into tears. She said the prayer and told us to continue, but we knew that at that moment, what she needed, wasn't the lesson we had prepared. She needed to know that someone cared. Above all, that God cares. She was feeling really stressed with school, and work and was just overwhelmed. We shared D&C 10:4-5 with her and testified that with God's help, she can do anything. Once she had calmed down and was feeling better, the Spirit prompted both me and Hermana Nordfelt to invite her to be baptized. Once Hermana Nordfelt asked her, Jimena said, "Can I feel like this all of the time?" (referring to feeling of love that was so strong in that room), we both said, "yes, you can feel this way every day.) Jimena then committed to be baptized on March 4! We are really excited for her!!!

We also taught Mercedes on Thursday. We were teaching her about the Book of Mormon when she broke down too. She told us that she has Bell's Palsy in her face and it has been really hard for her. She said she didn't understand how a loving Heavenly Father could allow this to happen to her. We shared D&C 10:4-5 and John 14:18 and testified that even though we have hard times, God really does love us. She felt comforted and promised that she would pray for God's help and to feel again His love for her. 

After leaving Mercedes, Hermana Nordfelt and I talked about how all three of our investigators needed to know this week that God loves them. How important is it that they know that. Not everybody knows. What a blessing it is that we know. I would encourage each of you to, if you do not know that God loves you, pray and ask. Ask God and He will answer. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Ask and ye receive. I know that God loves you all. There was a time where I didn't know that. But, my mom told me to pray. How grateful I am for that! Once I prayed, I had the overwhelming feeling that He does. He does love me. I know that He loves you all as well! 

This week, I was struggling. I felt like, here I am in this place where no one knows me. No one knows who I am or what I'm really like. I also felt like there was a barrier between me and my emotions. You all know that I cry. A lot. But I haven't much here. I felt like there was something wrong with me. Being emotional is a big part of who I am, it's part of my identity. On class on Friday, Hermana Boyce started off class with a personal story about when she was in the MTC. She said that she used to cry every time she bore her testimony, but once she got into the MTC, she didn't anymore. She finally realized, that she was feeling the Spirit so much, that she was simply becoming used to it. Like Joseph Smith when he and someone else (I can't remember who) saw a vision and the other man passed out but Joseph was fine. He was just accustomed to feeling that. This story was a huge answer to my prayers. And I cried. For the first time in about a week (which is really weird for me), I cried. I know now, that I'm ok. I can be myself and it's ok. I can cry, or not cry, and it's ok. 

Ok, funny story. Sort of. On Saturday, Hermana Nordfelt was feeling sick. So, we left class to go to the health clinic, but it was closed for Valentine's Day. There was a sign on the door saying that they had moved it for the day to another building. So we go to the other building only to find absolutely no one there. We looked in every room. Finally, we came across a group of elders celebrating their last real day at the MTC. They were trying to help us when one of them asked my companion if she thought a blessing would help. She said yes and immediately we had six elders giving my companion a priesthood blessing. There was such and amazing feeling of peace and comfort. My companion said that the prayer was exactly what she needed. It was amazing for her to have a blessing from six elders we did not know at all, and have them give her the exact blessing she needed. Brothers and sisters, the Church is true! What an amazing blessing we have to be able to receive priesthood blessings. 
After the blessing, we went back to class. They came half an hour later with some DayQuil and lots of candy. The candy wasn't really appropriate, but it lifted her spirits. 

Sunday was really good! I love Sundays here. In Sacrament Meeting, I played If You Could Hie to Kolob. I had about two days warning that I would be playing the special musical number, so what I did was pretty good considering. The Spirit was there and that's all that really matters.

Monday we had Volunteer TRC (Teaching Resource Center where we teach members). It was really good. The first TRC person was the same Chilean woman from last week that we couldn't understand. We still struggled a bit this week. It was a good lesson, but communication definitely was hard. The second was a man who served in Chile. We shared about Charity and read from Moroni 7:45-47. In those scriptures it talks about being a true disciple of Christ. In order to be a true disciple, you must have Charity. You must strive to have charity with 'all the energies of your heart'. That really hit this man and he started to cry. In our evaluation, he wrote, "These two sisters are some of the most powerful missionaries I have ever met!" That definitely made us feel really good. We aren't powerful, but in that lesson, the Spirit was allowed to touch the heart of this son of God. I'm glad that we were able to witness this and be a conduit for the Spirit. 
Monday was also Hermana Boyce's birthday. We gave her candy and we all wrote in a card for her. She's a great teacher and we didn't want her to forget it. 
We taught Mercedes again on Monday and she said that she'd ask her roommates if she could go to church with them. We'll check up on that tomorrow. We're really excited for her!

Tuesday. I just wanted you to all know that there is some good food at the MTC. Yesterday, I had a Navajo Taco and it was really good! There have been some other good meals too, but this one made me especially happy. :) So yesterday was the devotional in which I was supposed to play in. But we never got a notification saying that we would be playing, so we started to get really nervous. I went to the music people and our names weren't anywhere on the sheet. They said that we still might play on Sunday, but we won't know until tomorrow. We were really sad. The pianist is leaving on Monday. At 3 in the morning and her companion is leaving at 8 on Sunday night. So, it may not happen. We don't know. I hope so though. :)

Anyway, things are good here. I have seen many miracles while being here. Prayers have been answered and I've seen people's lives being touched. Including my own. I know that God loves us. I know that He is there to help us if only we stretch out our hands and ask. I know that this church is true. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that we are never alone. God is with us. 

Thank you all for you prayers and your letters. I love you all!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

These photos were taken on a Sunday walk around the Provo Temple.

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