Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Hola a todos! Espero que estén bien y que hayan tenido una buena semana!

This week was good. A bit crazy, but good. :)

This week we were able to visit a young girl named Sofia. She´s 16 and went to church last Sunday with her grandma. We started talking to her, taking it slow, when she told us about her ex-boyfriend who had been physically abusive. It was so sad to see that in people so young. We testified to her that there is someone that can heal her pain and help her. We gave her a Book of Mormon, too. She's a sweet girl. We just have to take it slow because her step-mother is a little anti-Mormon right now. It was beautiful to be able to help her, though.

We also found a young mother, Jennifer, and her mother, Milagros. (Her name means miracles. I love that name!) We contacted Jennifer and when we went back for our appointment, her mom was there. We talked and they have great questions. We were able to just testify of what we know to be true, that God loves them. That Christ knows how they feel and can help them. It was beautiful. They said that they would go to church on Sunday, but when we went to meet up with them, they didn't show. It was really sad. It was like finding a miracle only to find it slipping through your fingers. 

Also, we contacted a Colombian man and his brother (thanks to my Colombian companion). :) They also went to the church on Thursday to play soccer. But they also didn't show on Sunday. They're good guys, though. 

We visited Macarena as well. She's gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend and is struggling with smoking. We talked a lot in qualities that she should look for in an eternal companion and she seemed to understand. I sure hope so. She's great, but this kid isn't the best influence for her. She told us that night that her mom, Rosa, wasn't doing so well. So we went the next day in the morning to find her. We were talking with her and she told us that she is most likely going to split up with her husband. They've been struggling for years and she can't take anymore what he says to her. She just doesn't want anyone to get hurt, and in the mean time, she is being destroyed little by little. It was so sad to see her like that. It's a hard decision. We just told her to ask God and then follow the impression in her heart. 

Ambrosio and Carmen don't want anything more with us. Honestly, it's been a little hard. I feel like the fishermen that cast out their nets and didn't find much. But I know that if we put our nets in again, we will find many. It just takes a bit more time. And patience. Ether 12:6

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and that you have a fantastic week this week!!! I love you all!!!!!!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

Photos from last week.

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