Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dancing In the Street

Hola todos!
[Hello everybody!]

Esta semana fue muy buena. Saben que? Cada semana es más difícil escribir estas cartas en ingles. Pero bueno. 
[This week was very good. You know what? Each week it is more difficult to write these letters in English . But good.]

Anyway, this week was really good. We founds some people that are very interested. It was great! I´m getting to know my companion more and more every day as well. 

Bueno, first and foremost, Romina. She is incredible. I just love her! We went to visit her on Saturday and we talked with her for a while. Then we also talked with her husband. We wanted to talk to him because he had come to church the week before and had accepted an appointment with us. So, we talked about what he has seen so far of the church, of the change that his wife has made and so forth. He told us that he really liked the church and felt good there. He also likes the change that he´s seen in his wife. Then, he went on to tell us about how much he has changed in his life. He shared a really personal experience with us as well, and through that we were able to help. We talked about second chances and the reason that we are here. We talked about how we can be with our families forever and that we don´t have to be separated. He really liked that and so we also invited him to be baptized. He accepted! It was amazing! We were so excited! We left the house and I started dancing in the street. Literally. I was so excited. There is no feeling like the feeling you get when someone accepts the invitation to be baptized. It was incredible!

Elva. We talked with her and invited her to church again. It´s hard because she wants to be so sure about everything. I think it´s a bit like what it talks about in Alma 32. That faith is not a perfect knowledge, but rather a belief in something that you can´t see, which is true. (I don´t know how it is in English, so I´m just guessing...) But, we had a really good lesson and invited her to pray right there to find her answer. It was powerful. I just hope she recognizes it.

It is amazing how the Spirit leads you here in the mission. On Saturday after my personal studies, the thought came to my mind that I needed to buy a notebook for my studies. I brushed it off, however. Then, when we left the pension, we were walking and passed a little shop that sold notebooks. I did a double take and entered. My companion was a little startled, but followed me. We talked to the lady that worked there and I bought the notebook. Then she asked us where we were from (like everyone) and we told her. Then she told us that she has a friend in the church that is on a mission as well. So we talked about the church for a bit, got her direction and an appointment. We haven´t gone yet, but I´m hoping that she progresses. It was an incredible experience for me. I love how the Spirit guides.

Anyway, this week was really good. In church yesterday we had Romina. Her husband didn´t make it because he´s a camionero (don´t know how to say that in English. Sorry) [truck driver]. Elva didn´t come because she had a really bad headache and couldn´t get out of bed. 

I hope that you are all doing well! Have a wonderful week!!! I love you all!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson
Chicken feet. We had this for lunch yesterday.

Guadalupe with a name tag.

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