Monday, July 13, 2015


¡Hola hola!
¿Cómo están todos? Espero que todo esté bien. :)

Bueno, so we had transfers today. I am no longer in Jesús María. I got transfered to Bell Ville. My companion is Hermana Criddle from Idaho.
She has one transfer less than me and I am senior companion... yep... :)

Bueno, I´ll tell you about my last week in Jesús María.

On Tuesday, we had to run some errands in the morning, but in the afternoon, we went with a member to contact Brandon y Maylen. Maylen told us that she wasn´t interested at the moment, but Brandon came down and talked to us. We invited him to an activity at the church on Thursday and he said he would go.

On Wednesday we had zone meeting in Córdoba. When we got back, we went to visit Karen´s sister. We talked about how she was and about Karen. It was a good visit. Then we visited Jorge and he is really excited for his baptism! That evening, we had correlación misional.

Thursday we had an activity in the church. It was a holiday here and we had games planned and people were going to bring food. It was a ward activity, but not very many members showed up. But Brandon came and so did Braian (investigators!!!! Woohoo!!!). After the activity we had the baptism of un niño de la iglesia. Brandon and Braian stayed! It was great!

Friday we went to visit Braian and he and his dad, Miguel, agreed to being baptized! It was terrific! In the afternoon, we went with members to visite Brandon. At the end of the lesson, Brandon offered the prayer. In his prayer, he was very sincere. He talked about his difficult life and asked for help from Heavenly Father. He is only 13 years old, but he was very real. At the end, we were all crying. That night, we also visited an old contact and they started to cry as well. The Spirit was so strong that day. It was incredible!

Saturday we visited Jorge in the morning. We were getting him ready for his baptismal interview. He´s very excited! The rest of the day we spent in contacts that were unfruitful. But at the very end of the day, we found a family of 5! It was great!

That night we got the transfer call. Hermana Linares is still in Jesús María and she received a mini missionary. I was told that I was going to Bell Ville with Hermana Criddle. I just pray that between the two of us, we understand people and can teach them. We both are going to grow a lot this transfer. It´s gonna be good! :)

Sunday was full of tears. I cried and so did some people in Jesús María. It´s really hard to leave an area. Really hard. I love them so much! They will forever be with me. Forever. A part of my heart is in Jesús María.

Anyway, here I am, now, in Bell Ville! I´m out on an adventure! Wish me luck!

Have a great week and remember God´s love for every single one of you!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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