Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Respuestas a las preguntas

1.      Tell us about Hermana Criddle.
Hermana Criddle. Well, she´s from Idaho Oasis. It´s a little town close to Boise. She is really sweet. (She says Mountain Home. She says that nobody knows where Oasis is.) She likes musicals and books. She likes a lot of the same TV shows that I like, such as Once Upon a Time.
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2.      Tell us about the area? What is it like in Bell Ville? Is it very different from Jesus Maria? How far away is it from Cordoba?
Bell Ville is about three hours in bus from Córdoba. I´m not sure how many miles. It is very different, but there are similarities. It´s smaller here, but there are more stores. I dunno, it just feels very different. It´s not as cold here. :)

3.      How do you feel about being a senior companion now that you have experienced it for a week?
I feel very overwhelmed. I have to take the lead in lessons, contacts, everything. It´s really weird. But I have been so blessed by the Lord--especially with the language. I haven´t felt lost while talking to the people.

4.      What about the ward, the investigators, the other missionaries, etc?
The branch is very tiny and it doesn´t feel as friendly as Jesús María, but we´re going to work with that. We have three people who are preparing for baptism so that´s really exciting! We just have to start doing a lot more contacting to get others once the ones we have are baptized. The other missionaries in the ward are the zone leaders. It´s rather interesting. They´re nice, but we haven´t had a lot of interaction yet.

5.      What are your living conditions? Are you in an apartment?
We have an apartment. It´s really nice. Bigger than in Jesús María. We have a clothes washer! It´s really nice.

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