Thursday, July 9, 2015

Libro de mormón completado en español

¡Hola Queridos!

¿Cómo fue su semana? Espero que tuvieran una muy buena semana y que todo esté bien. ¡Les amo tanto!
 [Google translate: How was your week ? I hope you had a great week and all is well. I love them both!]

Bueno, this week was a little hard for us. We felt a bit discouraged...

On Tuesday, our Sister Training Leaders came to do splits with us. I went with Hermana Regalado and Hermana Linares was with Hermana Wade. Hermana Regalado and I spent the day contacting menos activos [less actives]. We did that all day. All day we were walking. All day on our feet. But, it was really good. Hermana Regalado is a great missionary and I learned a lot from her.

On Wednesday, I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time!!!!!!! It was great! In the MTC, my teachers gave me a promise. They said that if I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, I would be blessed to learn the language--to understand and to speak. I would say it´s true! I still don´t understand everything, but I´m not always completely lost. :) Bueno, in the morning, we had district meeting and the zone leaders came. We talked about following the Spirit. It was really good! I love district meetings! After lunch, we were walking to a cita when we stopped to ask an older gentleman if he needed help. He ended up talking to us for two hours. He did need help, but he kept telling stories. One story turned into six and six stories into two hours. But I think he just feels alone.
Hopefully, we can help him. One of my brothers told me before I left that there is something that I can learn from every person. I just have to be humble enough to listen. I love that. I try to learn from every person that I meet. Everyone has something to share.

Thursday we went to help the older gentleman with his laundry. We had given him a Book of Mormon the day before and he read. A lot! We explained some things that he didn´t understand. It was great! That afternoon, we went to citas and contacts, but nobody let us in. We felt pretty low. In the evening, we went to a cita and the woman who we went to see wasn´t there, but her mom was. So we talked to her mom and we told her that we can help her quit smoking. She said she would love that and she would love to hear our message! She then told us about her cousin that lives around the corner that would also like to listen. So we went. It turns out that her cousin is a less active member of the church. She is blind now, but the problem is she doesn´t remember that she´s a member. I don´t know how that is, but that´s what she tells us. But we may not have visited her without her cousin!

Friday, we had a cita with the family Canzian. It was good. We gained a lot of confidence, but we didn´t have time to teach very much. After lunch, Jorge received a priesthood blessing and we talked about some of the baptismal questions. It was good. He still needs a lot of the lessons, though. Then we visited Karen and her sister Daiana. They´re great! Karen was really excited for her confirmación. (I don´t know how to write that in English.) In the evening, we had some unsuccessful contacting until eight at night. The last house we contacted was a family. They were interested in listening to us! Finally! Tender mercies.

On Saturday, we visited the M--------- family. They´re great. I don´t know how the mom does it. Her husband isn´t a member and she has six kids. Two of which are twins. She takes all six of her kids to church. Alone. It´s amazing! We had lunch with the family L---------- and afterward had a lesson in their house with a joven, Agustín. His family are less actives, but are coming back to the church. But, his mom doesn´t want us in her house. We don´t really know why. But Agustín does. The lesson went really well and we watched some Mormon Messages. After that, a soccer game between Argentina and Chile started and nobody let us in. So, we did weekly planning.

Sunday was the confirmación of Karen. She was so excited! It was great! The only sad note from Sunday was that Jorge didn´t come to the church. After his surgery he´s been a bit tender. He got sick and couldn´t come. We found two jovenes as well yesterday. They were a reference and we´re hoping that they can progress! They´re great kids. Great kids. Also, Hermana Romeril called me. She was really sad. She told me that she has to go home. Early. She has gotten arthritis in her foot and can barely walk. So, they´re sending her home to get it sorted out. She doesn´t want to go. It´s really hard when a missionary has to go home early. She worked really hard while she was here. Every day she gave her best. But, for some reason, she got this disease. Sometimes we don´t know why things happen. We just know that we´re in God´s hands.
Today was P-day and we went to Córdoba to play bowling. It was fun! But guess what? We were in Hermana Romeril´s area, so she met us there. I saw her before she left!! It was good to see her again. She was such an amazing trainer and influence in my life. I am forever grateful for her.

Anyway, I hope that you all have a fantasmagorical week and remember who is by your side--who is fighting with you. As one of my brothers said in his weekly letters home from his mission: Keep on keepin´ on!

I love you!!!

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