Monday, May 4, 2015

In the House of the Lord

¡Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Bueno, esta semana fue un poco larga. Muchas cosas pasaron.

Tuesday we went to Los Nogales to visit Cristina. We did a catch up on how she´s been because we hadn´t visited her for a while. She showed us pictures of her family. She could talk forever if we let her. She´s so cute! That evening we visited the family Moreno. They are less active and so we are trying to bring them back. They have a daughter who is very very inactive and never before would listen to the missionaries, but she stayed and listened to us! It was great! Then we visited Alejandra and her family for un ratito. We didn´t have much time. But they told us that ever since we started visiting them, things have gotten better. Rut had some problems with her shoulder and now, it´s feeling better. David found work, and Elena´s feet feel better. Before, they would go without lunch at times. Now, they are never without food. We told them that the Lord was blessing them for what they were doing. For listening to us and doing their commitments. Then we said, if God is blessing you now, imagine how much He would bless you if you came to church. They said that they would come and Rut asked if she could have a skirt so that she could feel more comfortable in the church.

Wednesday we went to Córdoba in the morning for a "splash". (A "splash" is when they take all the missionaries from a zone and put them in one area to go contact people, or whatever the area needs.) We were there to go hand our temple invitations. We had about 15,000 card each and had to hand them out. We made it a race. Hermana Romeril and I got all of ours out in and two hours and we won!

When we got back to Jesus María, we had lunch and then went to Alejandra´s to drop of some Sunday clothes for Rut. Rut wasn´t there, but Alejandra was very grateful. Then we went to the church to meet two members who were going to go on splits with us. Hermana Romeril went with Luli and I went with Eli. Eli and I went contacting and Hermana Romeril and Luli went to our appointment with Mauricio. When we met back up, H´ Romeril told me that Mauricio committed to baptism for the 9th of May. This Saturday!!! We are so excited!!! Eli and I also got an appointment with a contact!

Thursday we traveled to Córdoba early in the morning. Then we worked all day in the temple. We worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now, the open house is over. The temple was really cool. It was a great experience to work there, even though we are exhausted now. On Friday, it was a holiday, so members came from Jujuy, Salta, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, and much more to come see the temple. We started tours at 7 that day and didn´t end until 10:45. There were almost 10,000 people just on Friday!

There were a couple times, in the last tent where we answer questions, where I was alone with a group of 4-6 people and they were asking questions. And I could answer them! It was amazing! Sometimes I didn´t understand their question, so I asked them to repeat or rephrase it and they were so helpful. Then they would ask how long I´ve been here and I would tell them 2 months and they were amazed. They were like, and you can understand us? You talk really well. Anyway, it was a confidence booster. :)

Yesterday, we were so tired. We could barely stay awake in church. We felt really bad because we are the missionaries and we can´t even stay awake. The temple just wore us out. All of the sisters were exhausted. But, the meetings were good. Afterward we had interviews, district meeting, and then held a mission prep class. The members in mission prep are so excited to go on missions. One of them was a mini missionary for 6 weeks! They´re amazing!

Anyway, I´m doing well! I hope you all have a fantasmagorical week!!!
I love you so much!!!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

P.S. Sorry I don´t have pictures again. I need to buy batteries and my companion forgot her SD card... I promise, promise that I´ll send some next week!

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