Monday, May 11, 2015

Bautismo de Mauricio

¡Hola! Happy Mother´s Day yesterday! I hope you all had a good day!

So, this week was really good. On Monday, for P-day, we went to a family´s house in the ward and learned how to make facturas! So, I´m gonna make them when I get home! They turned out really well! Then we visited Mauricio to teach him the Restoration.

So, last Wednesday, Hermana Romeril put the baptismal date for Mauricio for this past Saturday. So, we had to teach him all of the lessons he needed to know for the baptismal interview in a week. It was good, but a bit stressful. We taught him the Restoration on Monday, on Wednesday we taught the Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Law of Tithing, and Sabbath Day. On Thursday he had his interview and on Friday he got baptized. (We had to change the day because no one from the ward was going to be in town on Saturday because of a rehearsal for the cultural celebration for the temple.) I´ll talk more about the baptism later.

On Tuesday, we had to go to Córdoba so that I could do some document work for my visa. Then, when we got home, we visited Cristina. She still isn´t willing to change her work so that she can come to church, which is really sad. She is wonderful, just not willing. Then we visited Dora. She is awesome!

On Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning. Then we had lunch with the bishop and his wife and then went to get everything planned for the baptism. That evening, we taught Mauricio.

Thursday we had to go to Córdoba again to finish my paperwork. That evening, when we got back, we visited the family V-------. They are a wonderful family! We love talking and visiting with them. Then, we went to go pick up Mauricio for his baptismal interview. But he wasn´t there. We started to panic. His dad didn´t know where he was and his aunt didn´t have his number. Luckily the elders did and they called him and he said that he could come. Whew! He had his interview and everything went well. Beforehand, Hermana Romeril and I talked to him and he said he was nervous. He thought that he had to memorize everything before his baptism. We told him not to worry. That´s not how it is. You don´t have to have every date memorized and every fact down about the church. He felt much better after that.

Mauricio with his family

Friday was the day of his baptism. We spent the morning calling people and inviting them to his baptism. After lunch, we went to the church to get everything set up. Then, it was time. Hermana Romeril was so stressed out because she wanted everything to be perfect. It wasn´t perfect, but it was perfectly imperfect. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but it all worked out. I also played "If You Could Hie to Kolob" for a musical number. (piano solo) When Mauricio was baptized, he was so happy. After the program was over, he started crying because he was so happy. He is awesome! He was so ready for the Gospel. Really, we didn´t do anything. He was already ready. After the refreshments, we were talking with his family who aren´t members and his mom said that she had a hard time with her health. We asked her if she would like a blessing from the elders and she accepted. After the blessing, she said that she felt so good. We were talking with her and her husband and their daughter and Hermana Romeril invited them to be baptized on the 30th of this month. And they accepted!!! It was amazing!

Saturday we contacted some references, but either they weren´t there, or their house or street didn´t exist. In the evening, we visited the family M-----. We were talking with the oldest son and he said that he didn´t want to come back to the church because he felt that so many were hypocrites. He said that he knows that he´ll be back some day, just right now, it´s not his time.

Sunday, Mauricio´s mom and dad came to church! His sister didn´t, though. We´re going to work with her. It was really awesome! In Gospel Principles, they were making comments and really participating in the lesson. It was on the Word of Wisdom, and they agreed, which is fantastic! Then we had lunch, mission prep, interviews and then I got to Skype my family! It was great to talk with you all! I wish the camera had been working and that we´d had more time! I hope you know how much I love you!

My companion and I today at Cosquin

Today, we went to Cosquín for P-day as a zone. We played cards, the elders played Frisbee, we had lunch and climbed around on some rocks by the river. It was really fun!

Anyway, I hope you all know how much I love you! Espero que todo esté bien! Les amo un montón!!!! Que tengan una re buena semana!!!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson
I forgot! We have bikes now!!! This is mine.

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