Monday, May 18, 2015

The Prompting Spirit

 Hey y´all!!!

This week was really good, but we didn´t get a lot of proselytizing done because we kept having to go to Córdoba. We tried really hard, though.

On Tuesday, we went to Córdoba in the morning because my zone was in charge of a musical number for Zone Conference on Wednesday. Only five people could sing and I was one of them. They also gave me a solo. Practice went well, though. When we got back, we had lunch, visited a recent convert, Juan Peñalosa, and then went to teach Mauricio´s family. They are really funny! There´s the mom, Heida, the dad, Adelmo, and a sister, Valeria.

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference! It was amazing! I loved it! It was really inspiring and uplifting! Also, the song from my zone went well, so that was good. When we got home, we didn´t have much time. It was late. But we visited Dora before going back to the pension. We told Dora that Hermana Romeril was most likely going to be leaving in two weeks and Dora was so sad. Transfers are right before Dora´s birthday too. She is so cute, though, and told us that before Hermana Romeril leaves we are having lunch at her house. She doesn’t have much money at all, but she is determined.

On Thursday, we did all of our studies in the morning. Then we had lunch with a family. They have a 7-year-old son who would not stop talking. He was so cute. In the afternoon, we visited the Vazquez family and then visited Dora. Then we had another lesson with Mauricio´s family. The mom told us that they were a little worried about their baptism, though. She said that she didn´t feel prepared. We told her that we didn´t feel that she was prepared right now either, but that the 30th is a goal and if, by that time, she still doesn´t feel ready, that´s ok. We´ll postpone. That helped her a lot.

Friday we had district meeting in the morning, but it went a little long and so Hermana Romeril and I missed our lunch appointment. We thought that the elders had confirmed it, but they hadn´t really, so we ate lunch in the pension. Which isn´t too bad, really. Then we took a little nap because I wasn´t feeling too hot. After that, I was feeling a bit better and we went to visit Vazquez again. We love that family so much!

On Saturday, we were able to go to the Cultural Celebration in Córdoba! It was amazing!!!! The dances were beautiful! President Uchtdorf was there and he spoke for a bit. It was kind of funny because he had a translator but he didn´t know when the translator was done, so they just sort of talked over each other. I love President Uchtdorf!!!

Sunday we were able to see the dedication. It was broadcasted to our church. It was beautiful! After the first session, we were about to walk to our pension, when Graciela (investigator of the elders) came. She was expecting there to be church, but of course it was the dedication. She had no idea. She left and Hermana Romeril and I went to go to the pension. After walking a block, Hermana Romeril stopped and told me that we were going to do a service and we went running after Graciela. Graciela doesn’t feel comfortable in the church and so it is really surprising that she would come. We knew something was up. When we caught up to her, (she thought we were crazy) we started talking and Hermana Romeril shared a scripture. Graciela opened up to us in a way that she never had to the elders. After talking to her for a while we said a prayer because she was not feeling well. She said that she felt better afterwards. It was a really amazing experience.

This work is amazing! I love it out here! I hope you all are doing well and that you´ve had an amazing week! Keep on keepin´ on (as one of my brothers always said)!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

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