Monday, April 13, 2015

Temple training, splits and a "charla franca"

¡Hola! ¿Cómo andan?

Sorry these are so late. We had to go to Córdoba today for a training in the temple! We´re going to be working in the temple on Friday. We don´t know what other days, but for sure Friday. We also got to see the temple today. It´s the smallest temple I´ve ever seen, but it´s beautiful! I´m so grateful for the opportunity to work there!

Bueno, so Tuesday was very interesting. The Sister Training Leaders came and we had to go on splits with them. I was terrified! I did not want to go, nor did I think that I could go. I didn´t feel like I knew enough Spanish and because my companion for the day doesn´t know these people, I would have to speak. A lot.

But we went out. Her name is Hermana Regalado. We got out and immediately started contacting people. It was great! We got a lot of references! We went to Los Nogales later in the day to talk to Cristina Lucero. Her baptismal date fell through because she hasn´t come to church. We had a charla franca (frank talk) with her. She said that she has felt for a while that she needs to have a job that is more tranquil. (It´s her job that has kept her from coming to church.) She also said that she feels that she needs a change in her life, and she feels that our church might be that change she needs. It was really cool!!! Hopefully this continues. (We haven´t been able to talk to her since then, though, because of her work.) After lunch, we went to contact a reference from a member. When we got there, we realized that he is blind. We talked to him and his mom. Their names are Jorge y Serafina. Serafina is quite old, but both of them wanted us to come back!

Wednesday, I had my companion back! I love her! We had zone conference in the morning in Córdoba and in the afternoon, visited Jorge y Serafina again. They´re great!

Thursday, we went with the elders to visit Jorge y Serafina (we´re trying to contact them daily) for a blessing of health. Then we went to visit Dora with the elders. We gave a 'super' lesson with them. It was really good, actually. It was about Lesson 3. Dora is so cute! In the afternoon, Hermana Romeril really wasn´t feeling well, so I made her rest. I told her that she has to rest now, or her body will make her rest later.

Friday, we visited with Alejandra and her family. Elena was back from the hospital and her leg is being treated. She said that it doesn´t hurt as bad anymore! Also, guess what!?! They read the pamphlet! Woohoo! And, they liked it. We left them a Book of Mormon and they said that they´d read it! That afternoon, Hermana Romeril had to rest again. In the evening, we went to go visit Jonathan. Ok, he has quite the story now. Here goes...

So, apparently his younger brother, Marcos, was getting into trouble with the police (again) and was trying to hide out. Jonathan, in defense of his brother, assaulted the policeman. So did Caro (his mom). So, they all went to jail for the weekend. When we went to go visit them, they´d moved. We have no idea where to. We think to a different barrio with Caro´s boyfriend. But, the family that lives next door is a part-member family. They told us that Caro and Jonathan are smoking again and that they were saying horrible things about God and Christ. I don´t know what´s true and what´s not, but we can´t visit them again. If we do, and the police show up, that´d really just be bad. Friday was pretty sad.

On Saturday, we took Dora with us to visit Jorge y Serafina because we thought that Dora and Serafina could be friends. When we got there it was so cute. They were telling each other of their ailments. I think they´ll be good friends. On the walk back, Dora was handing out invitations to the temple open house to everyone. She´s a natural missionary! She´s awesome! Then, Hermana Romeril had to rest.

Yesterday, Sunday, was really good. Mostly we just have a bunch of meetings. After church, though, there was a baptism. Not one of ours or of the elders. A member´s daughter turned 8. It was a beautiful service!

Okay, about all the resting that Hermana Romeril had to do. She´s had a problem for her whole mission with her stomach. At times it´s worse than others and right now it´s worse. She can only eat rice and jello and so she´s pretty weak. Also, on Saturday and Sunday, she had a fever. The fever is gone, but she´s still fighting her stomach problems. Anyway, she´s resting so that she doesn´t run herself off her feet. She gets tired really quickly. It´s really frustrating to her because she wants to be able to work all day, but she can´t.

Anyway, it was a good week! We´re really excited about Jorge y Serafina and Alejandra and her family! They are all pretty awesome!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Les amo!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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