Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Laundry, Food, Singing, Temple Tours and More

Here are a few tidbits from the letters that Micaela has written to me:

Laundry: We have a member wash our clothes. It´s really nice of them.

Best and worst food. The best was emapadadas my first night at the mission home. The worst would have to be today. We don´t have money for food right now, or much food. So we tried to make spaghetti, but the noodles were overcooked and were mush. It was really gross. It tasted more like wet bread dough. For breakfast, we have cereal and for dinner we have this pasta recipe that Hermana Romeril taught me. It´s not much, but it´s good. The food is really good! It´s interesting, though. Lots of pasta and meat and bread. They don´t have much pepper here and one time we were putting pepper on our pasta and the family was like, wait, that´s spicy, be careful. We were just like, yeah, we like it. It´s okay. It was funny. We´ve also had almost every lunch at the home of a member. It´s lunch because they don´t have dinner until very late, so we eat dinner when we get home.

The elders are great. Their names are Elder Barrett (who´ll get home the same time as me) and Elder Koboldt who has a year and a half in the mission. I don´t know them really well, but they are very nice to us. They´re serving in our same ward because there is only one ward in Jesus María.

I do feel the companionship of the Spirit, I just need to open my mouth more. Have more confidence that the Lord will bless me with the words that they need.

A criollo is a roll thing. It´s kind of hard on the outside but on the inside it´s really soft. You dip the criollo into the mate, and it´s delicious!

Money. We are totally fine now with money. We were only out because we had to go to Córdoba so many times and we also have to pay for credit for our phone because it´s not a mission phone. The hermanas before us lost their phone and now we´re suffering this consequence. We are all good now though. Sorry to worry you!

It´s been raining more than it has supposed to. Winter is more the rainy season, so we´re getting there. It´s not too bad to be out in the rain. Not right now, anyway. My boots, raincoat and umbrella are perfect! I haven´t ever gotten really wet at all. They are amazing!

Hermana Romeril and I sing for people. It´s really fun. Hermana Romeril thinks it´s really cool that I can sing alto and tenor. Also Elder Barrett sings bass, so as a district, we sound really good.

About participating in the Córdoba Temple Open House: We will be in Córdoba from the 13 to I´m not really sure when. But we´ll be there at least until the dedication. I´m really excited! But we have to give our investigators to the elders. I don´t know how that´s going to work. I´m sad to leave them.

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