Friday, April 24, 2015

Siguid adelante y Dios le bendicirá

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

Sorry I couldn´t write on Monday. We were working in the temple and didn´t get a P-day.

Bueno. Tuesday of last week we went with the elders to give a woman who is neighbors with Jorge y Serafina a blessing. She has lots of migraines and back pains. The blessing was beautiful! I´m so glad we have elders here! Then, we visited Jorge y Serafina (without the
elders) and they committed to baptism!!! We´re so excited!

Wednesday we went to visit Jorge y Serafina and taught them. They’re afraid to pray. I think that it´s something really hard to start doing. It´s new and people *tienen vergüenza. (No sé cómo se dice en inglés.) We´re going to work with them on that.

Thursday was our day of miracles! In the morning, we were teaching Jorge y Serafina and we were about to end the lesson when Sebastian (a nephew of Jorge´s) came in. We started talking to him and he has a lot of questions. We set an appointment for the next day. Then, in the evening we were teaching Alejandra, Elena, and Rut, and Rut was so excited to tell us what she´d learned from Moroni 10! Then we taught them OLA. Orar (pray), leer (read), y asistir a la iglesia (attend church). They were really receptive! It was great! Then we went to go visit a family. We were talking with one of the sons, Matias, who isn´t a member and was a little bit wary of the missionaries. We were talking to him and he told us that he was trying to stop smoking. We asked him why and he said that he´d promised God. We were astonished. The elders are teaching him and he is making a lot of progress.

Friday we went to Córdoba to work in the temple. We are receptionists there. We do one of two things. Either we are in the first tent and introduce the movie that talks about the temple, or we are in the last tent where they can ask questions and fill out comment cards. We go on rotation. I enjoy the first tent best. It was really fun to work with other hermanas, especially because some of them were going home on Tuesday. One of them, Hermana Gonzalez, was an old companion of Hermana Romeril and so I´ve heard a lot about her. She´s hilarious! She even gave me a pair of her earrings as a parting gift. (Since she´s now home.)

On Saturday we were back in Jesus María. We were teaching Serafina in the morning and she told us that ever since we started teaching her, her pains in her back, legs and arm have gone away. She told us that before, she couldn´t even leave the house. Now she can walk around her neighborhood without any problems or pains. That was amazing! Then we went to teach Sebastian. We only had 10 minutes so we did a quick run-through of the restoration. It was really powerful. He even consented to pray at the end! That rarely happens! So many people are too afraid. We were so happy!!!

Sunday... Sundays can be hard because you committed people to come to church, and then they don´t come. So you’re sitting there waiting for them, but they don´t show up. This Sunday, Alejandra and her family committed to come to church. We told them that we´d meet them at their house and we´d walk together. When we got there, the Elena (who can´t come because of her ulcers) told us that they´d already left. So we rushed to the church. But they weren´t there. So we waited. Finally, we took the elders bikes and rode to their house. Alejandra was there and told us that they couldn´t come because Joel had a soccer game and they all had to be there. We were really disappointed. It´s hard because you really love your investigators and you want the best for them. And you know that what is best is this Gospel. So when they don´t keep their commitments, it hurts. But grief is the price of love. So we´ll keep the grief so we can love as He does.

Monday we went to Córdoba to work in the temple again. It´s fun to see all of the people come. The temple closed at 5 though and then the office elders had us go contacting for them. Because it was transfers and the temple open house, they couldn´t really work in their area. We stayed with a investigator family. There´s the grandma, the mom, and the daughter. They´re from England and talked to us in English. Well, the mom and the daughter were born in Argentina, but they speak really good English. In their house, I feel more like I´m in England than Argentina.

Tuesday, we were working in the temple again. There have been a lot of returned missionaries that have come with their spouses. It´s fun to see them look at their areas and their reactions to how much things have grown.

Wednesday we were again in the temple. It´s good. We like the temple, but it´s hard too. We´re on our feet all day for almost 12 hours. I´m more tired from one day in the temple than I am from a week in the field. It´s really weird. It´s amazing to see people´s reactions to the temple. You know that they felt the Spirit and it´s wonderful to be able to talk with them and answer their questions.

Anyway, now we´re back in Jesus María. Oh, transfer news. I´m staying with my companion!!! I´m so glad! Also, the elders stayed too, so nothing changed with us. Next transfer will probably much different, though.

I hope you are all doing well! I love you so much! Keep on keepin´ on!

Love from,
Hermana Micaela Wilson

Sorry I don´t have pictures. My camera died... Next week I promise!!!

*Google translate says it means “ashamed.”

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