Monday, February 8, 2016

Lots of Goodbyes

Hola todos! Cómo andan? Espero que estén bien!!!!!

This week was kind of crazy. The last week of Hermana Dennis and the minis. It was quite sad, actually. I´m going to miss them...

On Monday we had to work because on Tuesday we had Consejo de Líderes. On Monday, I stayed with Hermana Dennis and I helped her with her last letter to Presidente. 
Tuesday we had Consejo. I love Consejo so much!!! It´s so much fun!!! Hermana Dennis had to say goodbye to the missionaries. Lots of goodbyes this week.
Wednesday we went to the temple! I love the temple. What a blessing it is to have a temple here in Córdoba! Then Hermana Dennis had her last interview with Presidente.
Thursday we had zone meeting in Córdoba. Again, more goodbyes.

We went to see lots of members this week so that the other three could say goodbye. Macarena is doing a lot better, although she is still with this kid. She has a lot of hope that he´ll get baptized and stay firm. We´re worried though because it didn´t work out too well last time...
Antonella is back to her old self. Thank goodness!!! We were realived to see that. We were really worried about her. Damian was sad though. We weren´t able to visit them very much this week and he was slightly offended. He didn´t go to church yesterday. Antonella did. She even went in a skirt, even though she hates skirts. :)

We are also teaching a little boy named Maxi. He is the half brother of a recent convert. He has lots of family that are members, he´s just never wanted to get baptized. We had a lesson with him on Thursday. We were talking about baptism, why we get baptized and everything and we asked him if he had prayed about whether or not he should be baptized. He said he had. Here is how the conversation went:
"Did you pray about getting baptized?"
"And how did you feel?"
"What kind of weird? Can you explain it?"
"It's like a pressure in my chest."
"A good pressure or a bad one?"
"Do you feel it when you go to church?"
"And do you like going to church?"
"Why do you like going to church?"
"Because when I started going, I felt good and like I should keep going."
"So what do you think God is trying to tell you when you get that feeling after praying?"
"That I should get baptized."
We were so excited!!! He's listened to a lot of missionaries but he never wanted to get baptized. Our goal is that he gets baptized this weekend. He said that he probably would. He just wanted to talk to some people first. He is such a good kid! Really sweet and very well behaved! We are so excited for him! But in that lesson, I just felt so led by the Spirit. There was one moment where I was going to ask one question and I changed in the middle and asked a completely different question. After asking the question I thought where did that come from? That wasn't me. :) We are really excited!

Yesterday, Hermana Dennis' parents came to pick her up from her mission. It was hard to see her parents. They all started crying. It was beautiful to see their reaction. After a year and a half, reunited again. They stayed with us all day and there was a party for her in the afternoon. It was really amazing. Really sad to have to say goodbye. I was really sad to see her go. She was a good friend. 

Today we went to the terminal and the minis left and so did Hermana Dennis. I got my new companion. Her name is Hermana Medina and she is from Colombia. She is 20 years old and has 10 months in the mission. She is a sweetheart. I'm excited for this new adventure! It's gonna be great!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

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