Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crazy Storms

Hola todos!!! How´s it going?
This week was pretty great!
We started out the week pretty stressed out. My companion is trying to get used to the new area (which is huge) and the new responsibilities of being a Sister Training Leader. I was stressed about having to be in charge of everything. We were a nice old pair of stress.
But, we figured things out and now we're doing well. :)
Bueno, Antonella. She's not doing so well. Sadly. She broke up with her boyfriend and now she is smoking, drinking and more. It's pretty sad. We don't know how to help her. We have the ward helping too, so I hope things get better.
After visiting Antonella, we had the feeling to visit Macarena. It was good that we did. She told us that she broke up with her boyfriend (YES!) because he did drugs and she didn't want that for her daughter. She said that she was only going to help women get to know the Gospel from now on. She's funny. She told us that she is still smoking, but is really trying to quit. It was good we went. I could tell afterwards that she was just needing a visit.
On Friday we went to Yesica and Lautaro. We had a really good lesson. We talked about how much God loves us. They said that they had both read in the Book of Mormon and that they liked it. Then we talked about the Restoration. Yesica said that she had always wondered why there were so many churches if there is only one God. They were both really attentive and they really liked what they heard. We then invited them to church and they both said that they would like to go. They didn't end up getting there, but we're gonna keep trying.
On Saturday, we were running around with our heads cut off trying to get a million things done. That's when Rosane (a memember) called and told us that it was her son's birthday that day and that Elena (an old investigator) would be there. We got there and were able to talk with her again. She's not doing so well. We're going to see if maybe she's ready to be baptized. She knows everything. Has a testimony of everything. She knows what she needs to do. She just needs to act.

While we were running around crazy, we contacted a man. We were looking for his ex-wife, but she wasn't there. We started talking and he told us that he wasn't doing well. We testified that Christ can help him with anything and that we'd love to pass by and help. He got emotional and said he would love it. It was a beautiful experience!
We started another mission choir!!!!!! It's for Easter! It's going to be really fun. I just love choirs! Anyway, I'm rather excited.
Anyway, I love you all a ton!!! Have a great week!!!!!
Love from,

Hermana Micaela Wilson

Crazy storms in Carlos Paz

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